Harry Dobbins Properties, LLC to Pettit Properties, LLC, 229 Shady Nook, Hanover, 185 Sharon Drive, Hanover, and 10520 North East Front Street, Dupont.

David B. and Kristine A. Hoffman to John C. Leap, 123 Hillcrest Drive.

Harry Dobbins Properties, LLC to Joseph Pettit, 108 Hickory Drive, Hanover, 523 Hickory Drive, Hanover, and 3681 Woodside Drive.

Katherine M. Hansen to Katherine M. Hansen and Steven Smith, 2107 North County Road 1025 West, Deputy.

Julie M. Gill to Julie M. Gill and Anthony J. Kachelmeier, 2048 Allen Street.

Melissa A. Demaree to Danny and Alyssa Shelton, 5484 East State Road 62, Canaan.

Strouse House Investments, LLC to Christopher Strouse and Carsha Strouse, 2320 Wilson Avenue.

Lori Webster, Jack Webster, David and Rhonda Jones to Jack Webster, 622 North Walnut Street.

Robert M. and Anita H. Lawrence to Steven J. and Amy L. Hensley, 508 Jefferson Street.

D. Bruce and Marianne Hofferth to Frederick L. and Mary L. Poole, 608 Miles Ridge Road.

David L. and Erma C. Combs to Tammy Sue Caldwell, 9441 West Ford Road, Lexington.

Kristi Marie Scroggin to Miguel A. Robledo Espejel and Eneida Lopez Espinoza, 30 South Amber Waves Boulevard, Hanover.

Lesley Hunt to Harold and Wanda Hunt, land parcel.

Mark E. Nay to Mark A. Cady, 801 East Main Street.

Ralph W. and Ellen F. Kendall to Christian S. and Catherine Mae Deen, 9023 East State Road 250, Canaan.

Shawn and Beatrice Blair to Leonard A. Collins, Jr., 1000+ North Comely Road.

Daniel K. Marksberry and Sheriff of Jefferson County, David Thomas to Billy R. and Ginger Sexton, 816 West First Street.

Darren Gaebel to Dustin C. Kelley, 239 Wildwood Drive.

Linda S. Wycoff to Woodie Bruther, 110 Hooten Boulevard.

Woodie Bruther to Woodie Bruther, Tina R. Browning and Trevor Browning, 110 Hooten Boulevard.

Denise S. Buxton, Gary M. Trapp, Bradley A. Trapp and W. Brent Trapp to Chad A. Trapp, 215 Spruce Lane, Hanover.

Bernard, Jr. and Candy D. Johnson to 712 Investments, LLC, 358 East County Road 350 North.

Bernard Johnson, Jr. to 712 Investments, LLC, 316 East Hill Road.

Richard D. Lauderbaugh and Sharon K. Lauderbaugh to Sharon Lauderbaugh and Lauderbaugh Living Trust, 2103 East Garden Lane.

Danny D. and Jacqueline Thurston to Tim Boldery, 1417 Crozier Avenue.

Woodie Bruther to Andrew C. Guarino and Vaneta G. Becker, 707 East First Street.

Glenda J. Crabtree and David Roger Hardwick to Alva Rhea Hardwick, 896 South County Road 1233 West, Lexington.

Paulette Boncutter to Sharman R. Alsop, 1004 West Main Street #3.

Derek M. Imel and Gary W. Imel to Justin W. Imel, Tracy L. Imel and Derek M. Imel, 7389 East Brushy Fork Road and 7300+ East Brushy Fork Road.