Federal National Mortgage Association to Mark Allen Dean, 8021 North County Road 900 West, Commiskey.

Timothy S. Hawkins to Timothy S. Hawkins, 838 West Third Street.

Denise Branham, Debbie Coffey and John Edward Branham to Kenneth P. Bleuel, 225 October Street, Hanover.

Rickey L. Keeble and Kimberly Keebler to Kimberly Keebler, 1112 Wells Drive.

Beutsche Bank National Trust Company and HIS Asset Securitization Corporation to Glenn Mikesell, 8629 North County Road 900 West, Commiskey.

Dianan Jane McLean to Larry N. Ricci, 409 Highland Drive.

Darrell E. and Karen Sue Ginn to Ernie and Linda Kitts, 316 East Second Street.

Dakota and Krista L. Lee, 5642 North Halls Ridge Road.