Bonnie M. Bowling to Courtney Renee Gray, 2316 Allen Street.

Rick and Anna Vondissen to Ricky and Anna Vondissen, 1893 North State Road 3, Deputy.

Sandra J. Gibson to Jason B. Bell, 206 Clifford Duke Drive, Hanover.

Kathryn Prochoroff-Coles and Jay D. Coles to J L Browning, 2510 North County Road 1100 West, Deputy.

Jessica R. Kuntz to Thomas J. Ganote, 1611 East Wehner Drive.

Aaron Almaroad to John A. and Lori S. Heitz, 813-815 West Third Street.

Laci B. Schirmer to Bradley and Cori White, 1851 Locust Street.

Phillips Development, Inc. to Billy G. and Cheslea Couch, 320 North Willow Drive.

Jeffrey S. and Tammy R. Monroe to Bryant William Jacob and Allison Nicole Layman, 524 East Street.

Akshar Neel Corporation to State of Indiana, land parcel.

Dwight J. Bruther and Linda L. Bruther to Gary McGinnis, South Carmel Road, Hanover.

Jeremy L. Barr to Jessica K. Simpson, 143 Ohio Avenue, Hanover.

Jerry M. and Phoebe A. Wheeler to Duand and Kelley Watkins, 4051 West Ten Cent Road.

Lisa K. Nickell Paninos and Allan K. Nickell to Kenneth R. and Sally J. McWilliams, 315 Poplar Street.

Christopher A. Moore to Christopher A. and Julie Marie Moore, 11843 North County Road 700 West, Dupont.

Connie Cato, Roger Griffin, Jimmie Morrison, Jon Randal Morrison, Eric Morrison and Charles Morrison to Lonnie Yoder, 420 South Grange Hall Road, Hanover.

Historic Madison Foundation, Inc. to Zack Hatton, 523 East Third Street.

Cheryl H. Thompson and Larry W. Thompson, Jr. to Kathleen Rubio, 123 Dell Avenue.