Archie Witt, Lisa E. McCane and James A. McCane to Tori J. Feltner and Anthony W. Roberts, 745 West North County Road 1250 West, Deputy.

Kathy A. Trader to Christopher A. and Kathy J. Trader, 4102 South State Road 62, Hanover.

Patricia Sue Rudolph to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, 181 West Main Street, Hanover.

Kenneth L. and Susan K. Heritage to John F. and Sandra L. Coleman, 15817 West County Road 250 North, Deputy.

Darrell W. Gayle, Mark E. Gayle, and Penny J. Gayle to Larry F. Skinner and Whitney A. Sheets, 7852 West State Road 250.

William A. Jackson to Alisha Marie and Jason Nathaniel Murphy, 607 Simcoe Lane.

Tammy L. Black to Jeremy D. Black, 1844 Locust Street.

Vinod C. Gupta to J. Nash Crafton, LLC and Buddy Dale, LLC., 1731 Allen Street.

Gayle Hill to Kimberly Ann Stoner Gibson and Kimberly Ann Stoner-Gibson, 1310 Wells Drive.

Andrew L. Ransom to B & K Assets, LLC., 511 South Grange Hall Road, Hanover.

Kristina Braley to Kristina N. King, 2020 East State Road 62.

Kristina Braley to Kristina N. King, 2016 East State Road 62.

Charles J. and Cynthia J. McKay to Charles J. McKay, Cynthia L. McKay and McKay Family Trust, 808 West Main Street.

Gilbert Reardon to Hector A. Rojas and Olivia J. Atwell, 130 South Birch Street, Hanover.

Grant and Jennifer Burgert to Terri Williams and James Heath, 302 Miles Ridge Road.