Michael T. and Sandra J. Shelton to VonDissen Family Trust, 1839 North State Road 3, Deputy.

Rick R. VonDissen, Anna S. VonDissen and VonDissen Family Trust to VonDissen Family Trust, land parcel.

Joshua C. Scott and Faith C. Scott to Joshua C. Scott, land parcel.

Karen Lee Fellenz to Denis Edward Fellenz, 2101 Seneca Drive.

Karen Lee Fellenz to Denis Edward Fellenz, 6645 West South St., Dupont.

David A. Collins to Melinda Klopp, 413 Elm St.

David B. Nickels to Donald R., Jr. and Jeanne M. Server, 3166 South River Bluff Drive, Hanover.

Martha Davis, Elmira Hendrix to Vinita Davis Holman, Martha Davis and Lydia Davis-Eady, 9000+ East Vernon Ridge Road.

Robert E. Stone, Jr., Kimberly A. Herrell-Stone and Sheriff of Jefferson County, David W. Thomas to GTG Investments, LLC., 2616 East Geyman Hill Road.

Housing and Development, and HUD to Billy K. Cloud and Pamela L. Cloud, 2120 Wilson Ave.