Brenda Sue Smith to Brenda Sue Smith, Gilbert Jackson Smith and Kendra Ann Smith, 308 Maple Hill Drive.

Emma Jo Mack to Mark Kyle and C. Dana Dailey, 7005 West State Road 250.

Carl H. Thorne and Kay Thorne to Mark Eurton, Jr., 811 East Second Street.

Andrew Kenton and Kendra Amanda Forrester to John M. Bush and Diana J. Bush, 2049 Wells Drive.

Sandra Maria Smith to Jacqueline E. Doyle, 4132 South Hanover Saluda Road, Hanover.

Johnnie R. and Toni G. Adkins to Melody Cole, 355 Hickory Drive, Hanover.

Christ Temple Community Church of Madison, Inc. to Tirrie Ann Jenkins, 277 West LaGrange Road, Hanover.

Scott B. and Katherine L. Lynch to 1809 Property Group, LLC., 315 Central Avenue.

Eugene R. Moon to Jason Turner, 3569 West Interstate Block Road.

Loretta S. Anderson to Jason G. and Susan R. Anderson, 1331 North County Road 600 West.

Helen D. Napier to Wirt Baptist Church, 4853 North County Road 350 West.

James R. Hoffman, Jr. to Tex W. and Wanda L. Stockdale, 5698 West Hensler Road, Hanover.

Randall K. II, and Christen L. Harsin to James A. Whitehouse, 702 West Third Street.

Seth Robert Shields and Ashley Michelle Torrance to Seth Robert and Ashley Michelle Shields, 612 Miles Ridge Road.

Tyson Eblen and Tabatha Eblen to Yesenia Rabanales Morales, 205 Cedarwood Drive.

Nan R. Hurst and Pamela J. Addair to Cynthia A. Alcorn, 205 Cedarwood Drive.

Barbara J. Disbro to Samuel Webster and Delores M. Imel-Webster, 6242 North Scotts Ridge Road.

Sead Begic to Lester F. Spoon, Jr., 246 Sharp Street, Hanover.

Leonard A. Collins to Thomas A. and Lisa M. Gatchel, land parcel.

Chris L. Watkins to Donald Catterton and Robin Catterton, 5708 West Hensler Road, Hanover.

Jennifer A. Shelton to Gilbert P. and Paula S. Black, 261 November Street, Hanover.

Madison House, LLC to E. Richard and Tracy Geglein, 205 Green Road.