David K. and Susan A. Maxwell to Maxwell Family Living Trust, 1943 Falls Boulevard.

David Tye Ray to Shelia Pratt, 2030 Wilson Avenue.

Robert and Wanda Young to Robert and Wanda Young, and Jennifer L. Young, 5470 East Wolf Run Road.

Jadwiga Baker to Frank N. and Amber R. Mingione, 1105 West Main Street.

John H. Harrell, Jeremy Glunt, Gary Phillips and Wirt Baptist Church to Fred V. Harrell Jr., and Sondra N. Harrell, land parcel.

Donald R Huff to Melvin Dean and Deborah Ford, 10578 North Tilton Street, Dupont.

Richard D. Tankersley, Ronald A. Tankersley and Donald P. Tankersley to Richard H. and Ila M. Tankersley, 9747 East State Road 250, Canaan.

Kevin L. Haworth to James L. Hardin Jr. and Mary Ann Hardin, 5000+ East Pleasant Ridge Road.

James L. Hardin Jr., and Mary Ann Hardin to James L. Hardin Jr., and Mary Ann Hardin, 5114 East Pleasant Ridge Road.

Keith E. and Nikki G. Wheeler to Larry and Janice R. Wilson, 5930 East State Road 56.

Michael Simpson to Jeri Huddleston, 5227 West Foltz Road, Dupont.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to Housing and Urban Development, and HUD, 217 East First Street, Hanover.

Brandon L. Alexander to Brandon L. Alexander and Sarah B. Morgan, 1935 West Dawson Smith Road.

Darin Reynolds to Violet L. Davis, 623 Presbyterian Avenue.

Claude Eugene and Carolyn Sue Schneider to Brian Marshall, 710 Gerry Lane.

Bedford Loan & Deposit Bank to Brian Scott Clark, 4028 East Wolf Run Road.

Stephen Sheets to Chad Duvall, 2103 Cragmont Street.