William F. Colewell Jr. and Melissa A. Colwell to William Taylor Colwell, 12222 West Polk

Road, Lexington.

Donald Ray Mundt, Wanda Povaleri, Dianne Bradbury-Copeland. Michelle Fox and Dennis Mundt to Jacob Scott Watterson, 6958 West S.R. 256.

Dale R. Crafton to Michael S. Dowell and Michelle Lovato, 4138 North S.R. 62.

Michael E. Chatham to Steve Elsner, 2310 Flint Road.

Jason T. and Kristie D. Renschler to Daniel L. Woods, 2161 South Elizabeth Drive, Hanover.

Donald L. Kehart to Iraar Trust and Jean M. Cleary, 400 North Windy Point Road.

George E. Stevens and Nancy L. Richardson to William Chad Wehner, 7684 East Old S.R. 56.

Tayra Beth Bright to Stephen Sheets, 2029 Galway Trail South.

Jessica N. Crank and Ken D. Elkins to SEI Real Estate, LLC, 2910 Ohio Avenue.

Trace B. Taylor and Hannah M. Cain to Trace B. and Hannah M. Taylor, 4506 North Rector Road.

Jason M. and Alisha M. Murphy to Che-Yuan Chang and Mu-Shan Hu, 302 Golf Ridge Court.

Judith Ann Freeman to Jerry R. Freeman and Judith Ann Freeman, 1806 Hatcher Hill Road.

Harry Dobbin and Donald B. Lynch to Harry Dobbins, 558 River Road, Hanover.

John W. and Laurie D. McIntire to Glen and Beverly Sue McIntire, 2435 Green Hills Drive.

Trevor A. Turner, Receivables Management Partners, LLC., and Sheriff of Jefferson County, David Thomas to Planet Home Lending, LLC., 3601 West Interstate Block Road.

Andrew J. LaGrand to Debbie Lea Johnson, 7132 West S.R. 256.

Robert B. Behne and Sheriff of Jefferson County, David Thomas to First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation, 11444 North Jefferson Road.

Beverly Bethea, Barbara Sue Mayer and Robert O. Bethea Jr., to Maria and Scott C. Axline, 214 East Third Street.

Pamela S. Moon to Robert Jr. and Adrienne Asher, 3330 North Audubon Park Drive.

Bryant William Jacob Layman to Jennifer M. and Travis A. Carroll, 5291 S.R. 7.

Clifton R. Williams Jr., Casondra D. Williams, and Sheriff of Jefferson County, David Thomas to Donald F. Royalty, 1270 South Thompson Road, Lexington.

Bronson Hensley Jr., and Bronson Hensley Sr. to Gabrielle Evan Nay 1614 North County Road 1350 West, Deputy.

Ronald Lee Bruther to Yvonne Bruther, 200+ West Kuntz Road, Hanover.

Nicholas R. Vladimirovs to Erika L. Vladimirovs, 2706 Springwood Drive.