Ronald C. Kroger Jr. to Joseph M. Bear, 11300+ West State Road 56, Lexington.

Margaret L. O’Dell and Margaret L. Odell to Ronald J. Frazee (trustee), Ronald J. Frazee (living trust), Barbara A. Frazee (trustee) and Barbara A. Frazee (living trust), 621 Walnut Street, Madison.

Janice Liter (tenant common) and Jerry Watson (tenant common) to Gary N. Hornsby (husband) and Barbara A. Hornsby (wife), 8810 West State Road 256, Lexington.

Brad Moderau (JTRS) and Mary Jean Grubbs (JTRS) to Wolfcreek LLC, 323 Montclair Street, Madison.

Timmy Dale Giltner to Jennifer Nicole Giltner, 2815 North 300 East, Madison.

Charles Requet and Elizabeth Auxier to Caleb Denton, 751 Jefferson Street, Madison.

Jenny Richey (personal rep) and Arthur Campbell (deceased) to Mae Campbell, 4016 North Wiggam Cemetery Road, Deputy.

Gary L. Gassert to Steven W. Gardner, 1107 West Main Street, Madison.

Donna Hamilton (now known) and Donna Hysell to Shannon Scroggins, 1063 East Simmonds Road, Madison.

Ronald M. Nay (husband) and Sherry L. Nay (wife) to Cadie Lynn Povaleri, 14000+ West Blake Road, Deputy.

Ashley Stoner and Ignacio Ballezo to Ashley Brooke Stoner, 130 East Crowe Street, Hanover.

Deborah Rae Hoover to Leslie Vance (husband) and Natalie Vance (wife), 7004 West 1137 North, Dupont.