Gregory W. and Denise Delaney to Nicole Delaney and Michael Wright, 834 Green Road.

Shanna Suzanne Cook, Nicole Renee Cook and Sean Gary Cook to Donald and Brenda Gunter, Andrew and Carrie Keyes, Brian and Cheri Laker and Michael and Misty Gunter, land parcel on East Breezy Ridge Road, Canaan and North East Prong Road, Canaan.

Bradley A. Hendrix and Megan L. Hendrix to Bradley A. and Megan L. Hendrix, 6471 North Graham Road.

Don Steveley and Mary G. Steveley to Don R. and Mary M. Steveley, 328 Bellaire Drive.

United States of America, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, United States Department of the Army and U.S. Army to Ford Lumber & Building Supply, Inc., land parcel.

Indiana Timber and Veneer, LLC. to Jared A. and Jeanelle M. Napier, 10000+ West State Road 56, Lexington.

John R. and Arlene M. Brim to Destiny L. Marcum, 716 Green Road.

Linda L. Chatham and Jon T. Chatham to Jon T. Chatham, 9046 West State Road 56, Lexington.

Linda L. Chatham and Jon T. Chatham to Jon T. Chatham, 9114 West State Road 56, Lexington.

Melanie K. Hardin to Dustin K. and Amber P. Dunlop, 181 South Birch Street, Hanover.

Anne M. Peters to Savannah L. Coffey and Tanner M. Hamilton, 237 Glad Street, Hanover.

Velma J. Brown to Star Stores, Inc. 1017 West Main Street.

Mark V. Nickell to Mark V. and Twila R. Nickell, 1113 Wells Drive.

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and HUD, 2120 Wilson Avenue.