2014 Courier 10K champion Kristopher Sandlin (Courier file photo by Mark Campbell)
2014 Courier 10K champion Kristopher Sandlin (Courier file photo by Mark Campbell)

The early registration period has closed and 160 runners — along with another 128 walkers — have entered Saturday’s Jane Jacobs Memorial Madison Courier Firecracker 10K Walk/Run.

The race, now in its 37th season, will start at 8 a.m. at Madison Consolidated High School on the hilltop and finish at Lytle Park in downtown Madison. The runners and walkers will start simultaneously  — the runners up front and walkers in back — and follow a course through the high school/junior high complex, south on Wilson Avenue to the Madison State Hospital grounds, down Hanging Rock Hill and east on Third Street to the finish near West Street at Lytle Park.

The official ceremonial starters this year are WAVE-3 news anchor Dawne Gee and former MCHS track, football and wrestling athlete Jordan Partee.

Gee herself has battled cancer and is an active member of the community through her support of various health-related organizations and charities.

Partee, although never a distance runner, is now a sophomore at Indiana Tech and a long jumper and high jumper on the Warriors’ nationally-acclaimed track team.

The defending champion of the Courier 10K run is Kristopher Sandlin, a former high school runner at Scottsburg and collegiate athlete at Franklin College, who ran a 31:18 in 2014 to defend his title from 2013 when he won the race in a time of 31:44 in a drizzling rain.

The top female runner in 2014 was Sara Martin, a former Southwestern Lady Rebel runner who now lives in Seymour, with a time of 37:19.

The course record is held by Cecil Franke — a three time winner — with a time of 29:44 in 1990 when he was a 21-year-old track athlete at Ball State University. Franke’s other wins came in 2005 (30:22.10) and 2006 (30:10.80).

Race day check-in for runners and walkers begins at 6:30 a.m. at Madison Consolidated High School and late entries will be accepted until 30 minutes before the start. The cost is $25 for runners and $15 for walkers and includes a commemorative T-shirt and information packet.

Weather should not be an issue with Saturday’s race because the weather forecast is calling for cloudy conditions and race-time temperatures in the 60s. However, the event is held rain or shine with concessions made only for extreme heat. There are no refunds for inclement weather and pets are not allowed on the course.

Automated timing will be utilized for the event so all runners and walkers will be asked to wear timing chips in their shoes.

No awards are given in the walk but custom-made awards are presented to the top finishers in 15 age divisions — both male and female — in the run as well as to the top male and top female overall.

Here is an alphabetical list of runners and walker who have pre-registered for Saturday’s 37th annual Courier 10K:


Elizabeth Allen, Madison, 45, F

Adam Anderson, Madison, 14, M

Rebekah Anderson, Madison, 17, F

Sarah Anderson, Madison, 19, F

Tom Anderson, Madison, 53, M

Shirley Bell, LaGrange, Ky., 68, F

Kim Bennett, Madison, 43, F

Claire Bilz, Madison, 11, F

Dylan Bilz, Madison, 18, M

Jordyn Bilz, Madison, 12, M

Candice Boley, Hanover, 27, F

Charity Bolser, Batesville, 40, F

Robin Bomke, Madison, 65, M

Brooke Bond, Louisville, Ky., 44, F

Kirsten Buop, Fort Wayne, 23, F

Camden Chatham, Madison, 17, M

Kyle Colen, Madison, 36, M

Jack Conard, Indianapolis, 62, M

Scott Conklin, Green Bay, Wis., 55, M

Joyce Consley, Lexington, 45, F

Bob G. Courtney, Madison, 52, M

Tiffany Cravens, Lexington, 31, F

Cherri Cronen, Madison, 61, F

Paul Cronen, Madison, 64, M

Thomas Crowley, Indianapolis, 59, M

Wilbur Dattilo, Durham, N.C., 36, M

Anita Davidson, Madison, 49, F

Jessica Davis, Madison, 25, F

Julie Demaree, Montclare, N.J., 37, F

Simon Detmer, Chicago, Ill., 15, M

Jason Detter, Waterloo, 29, M

Reid Dirksen, Madison, 18, M

Reed Fendley, LaGrange, Ky., 40, M

Robert Fitzgerald, Madison, 63, M

Brady Fleming, Fishers, 19, M

Camille Foor, New Albany, 29, F

Josh Foor, New Albany, 28, M

Kathy Fory, Madison, 58, F

Heather Foy, Madison, 40, F

Nicole Goble, Milton, Ky., 25, F

Christopher Grote, Madison, 16, M

Dominic Grote, Madison, 49, M

Liz Grote, Madison, 20, F

Patti Grote, Madison, 49, F

Taylor Grote, Madison, 19, F

Jim Hadley, Madison, 71, M

Kimberly J. Hadley, Indianapolis, 53, F

Sara Hall, Madison, 33, F

Mike Hamby, Madison, 42, M

Kingsley Hanson, Madison, 15, F

Kelly Hargett, Scottsburg, 48, F

Cindy Harris, Indianapolis, 46, F

James Harris, Indianapolis, 51, M

Michael Harris, Madison, 68, M

Greg Heaton, Madison, 59, M

Olivia Heaton, North Vernon, 17, F

Kayla Heitz, Jeffersonville, 26, F

Ross Hensler, Madison, 23, M

Chris Higgins, Madison, 46, M

Chris Hill, Madison, 47, M

Mark Hill, Madison, 48, M

Natalie Hill, Madison, 44, F

Celestra Hoffman, Madison, 37, F

Amy Hollan, Lexington, 38, F

Robert Huber, Madison, 53, M

Bach Johnson, Madison, 42, M

Kim Johnson, Madison, 45, F

Sarah Kelley, LaGrange, Ky., NA, F

Andy Kireta, Franklin, 47, M

Kylie Kireta, Franklin, 21, F

Madi Kireta, Franklin, 19, F

David Kummer, Hanover, 14, M

Tony Kummer, Hanover, 37, M

Ron Lanham, Madison, 55, M

Angela Lauster, Davenport, FL, 49, F

Lindsay Lawrence, Jeffersonville, 26, F

Angie Lee, Madison, 40, F

Tomeka Livers, Hanover, 40, F

Paul Ludlow, Franklin, 34, M

Suzanna Ludlow, Franklin, 32, F

Wayne Mahoney, Hanover, 71, M

Madison Martin, Madison, 11, F

Ali Mathena, Franklin, 21, F

Ronnie McAllister, Batesville, 50, M

Miranda McBride, Madison, 32, F

Karla McCollum, Madison, 50, F

Elissa McGauley, Fort Wayne, 46, F

John McGauley, Fort Wayne, 47, M

Douglas McIlvain, Madison, 46, M

Brian McKain, Madison, 41, M

Marc Miller, Madison, 46, M

Sadie Miller, Madison, 16, F

T.J Miller, Fort Knox, Ky., 27, M

Dawnice Moll, Bedford, Ky., 46, F

Gabrielle Nay, Deputy, 19, F

Isaiah Nay, Deputy, 15, M

Mya Nay, Deputy, 13, F

Sadie Nay, Deputy, 11, F

Renee Netherton, Louisville, Ky., 26, F

Sara Nibarger, Vevay, 43, F

Thomas Norville, Alcoa, Tenn., 17, M

Chuck Nunan, Madison, 51, M

Megan Owens, Madison, 37, F

Kristin Panning, Noblesville, 33, F

Paul Panning, Noblesville, 33, M

Olivia Phipps, Clarksville, Tenn., 23, F

Jake Phipps, Clarksville, Tenn., NA M

Paula Reed, New Carlisle, Ohio, 50, F

Robert Reed, New Carlisle, Ohio, 50, M

Tony Reid, Zionsville, 49, M

Charles Ricketts, Madison, 74, M

Sara Salas, Crothersville, 32, F

Tanner Sauley, Madison, 20, M

Ben Schafer, Madison, 28, M

James Schafer, Madison, 9, M

Luke Schafer, Madison, 13, M

Mark Schafer, Madison, 31, M

Donnie Scholl, Milton, Ky., 56, M

Lora Scruggs, Crothersville, 34, F

Janey Seaver, Madison, 19, F

Devon Sharpe, Madison, 24, M

David Shinkle, Columbus, 54, M

Joe Sinn, Fort Wayne, 26, M

Conner Skirvin, Hanover, 16, M

Rachel Slade, Madison, 24, F

Angie Smith, LaGrange, Ky., —, F

Mark Smith, Indianapolis, 36, M

Tim Stark, Hanover, 52, M

Dwayne Steele, Seymour, 37, M

Glenn Stevenson, Madison, 53, M

Connor Stewart, Lexington, 16, M

Clair Stewart II, New Boston, Mich., 43, M

Paula Stidham, Austin, 42, F

Chris Stucker, Fishers, 37, M

Dara Stucker, Fishers, 36, F

David Sutter, Hanover, 28, M

Sarah Sutter, Ann Arbor, Mich., 29, F

Michele Swing, Atlanta, Ga., 36, F

Gary Taylor, Bedford, Ky., 58, M

Jessica Taylor, Milton, Ky., 25, F

Marcia Teinkle, Columbus, 58, M

Alexandra Thompson, Jeffersonville, 24, F

Bailey Tonelli, Madison, 16, M

John Tonelli, Madison, 32, M

Shannon Tonelli, Madison, 33, F

Kate Tran, Berea, Ky., 36, F

Lee Tran, Berea, Ky., 37, M

Michael Walden, Lexington, 18, M

Payton Warren, Seymour, 20, F

Allen Watson, Madison, 63, M

Jayla Watson, Hanover, 17, F

Caroline Wehner, Hanover, 18, F

Ruth Wilburn, Greenwood, 33, F

Rick Wilhelm, Oldenburg, 45, M

Earl Winebrenner, Louisville, Ky., 50, M

Bradley Winston, Hanover, 15, M

Bob Wise, Madison, 55, M

Ashley Wyant, Independence, Ky., 31, F

Steven Wyant, Independence, Ky., 33, M

Jenny Youngblood, Madison, 39, F


Callie Anderson, Madison, 9, F

Casey Anderson, Madison, 12, M

Debbie Anderson, Madison, 42, F

Grover Anderson, Madison, 44, M

Jenni Anderson, Madison, 40, F

Whitney Anderson, Madison, 17, F

Erin.Jenkins Baker, Floyds Knobs, 35, F

Ryan Baker, Floyds Knobs, 32, M

James Bartlett, Madison, 58, M

Delberta Batman, Madison, 52, F

Chris Bilz, Madison, 53, F

Janeen Blair, Madison, 52, F

Kate Brown, Madison, 65, F

Michael Brown, Madison, 77, M

Sue Brown, New Castle, 56, F

Melissa Browning, Deputy, 36, F

Janie Buchanan, Madison, 69, F

Mark Buchanan, Madison, 69, M

Patricia Carson, Bedford, Ky., 40, F

Cathy Copeland, Milton, Ky., 48, F

Jim Crone, Hanover, 71, M

Brian Dalgleish, Madison, 40, M

Tyler Dattilo, Madison, 24, M

Sharon Dean, Madison, 59, F

Judy DeFoe, Noblesville, 41, F

Larry DeFoe, Noblesville, 43, M

Tad Defoe, Noblesville, 14, M

Larry DeLong, Orleans, 66, M

Phillip DeLong, Newburgh, 64, M

Bob Demaree, Indianapolis, 57, M

Kelly Detter, Waterloo, 27, F

Megan Eades, Hanover, 12, F

Brett Eppley, Madison, 27, M

Abbe Ernstes, Madison, 36, F

Matt Ernstes, Madison, 38, M

Burk Fleming, Lafayette, 70, M

Sharon Fleming, Lafayette, 68, F

Jennifer Flispart, Clarksville, 40, F

Steven Floyd, Bloomington, 60, M

Emily Fox, Madison, 22, F

Sherrie Fritze-Harris, Midland, Mich., 52, F

Heidi Geiges, Redwood City, Calif., 50, F

Cryl Geltmaker, Floyds Knobs, 33, F

William Geltmaker, Floyds Knobs, 36, M

Sarah Gharib, Lexington, 36, F

William Gober, Floyds Knobs, 12, M

Haley Groce, Madison, 16, F

Shelly Hamilton, Madison, 53, F

Abby Hanson, Madison, 12, F

Kylie Harris, Midland, Mich., 19, F

Patrick Harris, Midland, Mich., 23, M

Summer Hawkins, Madison, 37, F

Carol Hayden, Madison, 64, F

Stephanie Hellmann, Madison, 58, F

Katie Hensler, Utica, Ky., 24, F

Abigail Hill, Madison, 12, F

Megan Hill, Madison, 16, F

Joshua Hunt, Madison, 30, M

Susan Jacobs, Jeffersonville, 61, F

Jeffrey Jenkins, Floyds Knobs, 61, M

Jessica Jenkins, Beverly Hills, Mich., 37, F

Lucas Jenkins, Beverly Hills, Mich., 37, M

Tamara Jenkins, Floyds Knobs, 61, F

Brian Johnston, Schnecksville, Pa., 64, M

Marsha Johnston, Schnecksville, Pa., 66, F

James Jones, Madison, 36, M

Janet Kleopfer, Madison, 52, F

Carla Krebs, Lee’s Summit, Mo., 53, F

Madison Land, Madison, 11, F

Lisa Larew, Madison, 40, F

Mitzi Lawson, Hanover, 54, F

Amy Lee, Madison, 42, F

Scott Lee, Madison, 53, M

Will Macke, Florence, Ky., 10, M

Josh Marshall, Indianapolis, 34, M

Ron Marshall, Madison, 68, M

Sara Marshall, Indianapolis, 27, F

Emily Martin, Madison, 34, F

Kim Matthews, Jeffersonville, 52, F

Mike Matthews, Jeffersonville, 57, M

Gary McClintic, Orleans, 56, M

Mary.Jo McClintic, Orleans, 57, F

Leah McCollum, Jeffersonville, 27, F

Miracle McCollum, Madison, 23, F

Holly McKain, Madison, 36, F

Candy Meyer, Scottsburg, 63, F

Debbie Meyer, Jeffersonville, 54, F

S. Ryan Meyer, Los Angeles, Calif., 38, M

Leeanne Minton, Charlestown, 42, F

Carol Persinger, Madison, 58, F

Christan Powers, Madison, 49, F

Ann Prost, Chapel Hill, N.C., 42, F

Donald Prost, Chapel Hill, N.C., 43, M

Katherine Prost, Chapel Hill, N.C., 11, F

Luke Prost, Chapel Hill, N.C., 13, M

Margaret Prost, Chapel Hill, N.C., 15, F

Scott Pyles, Madison, 40, M

Ed Ricketts, Dupont, 50, M

Gretchen Ricketts, Dupont, 22, F

Angela Russell, Madison, 62, F

Francis.Nigel Salmon, Burlington, Ky., 55, M

Katherine Salmon, Burlington, Ky., 46, F

Miles.Christian Salmon, Burlington, Ky., 10, M

Judy Schafer, Madison, 52, F

Elizabeth Schnaitter, Denver, CO, 30, F

Rebecca Sievers, Madison, 34, F

Tammy Singleton, Madison, 42, F

Amy Spann, Jeffersonville, 36, F

Stephanie Sprong, Madison, 41, F

James Stephan, Madison, 67, M

Janice Stephan, Madison, 64, F

Neva Stroud, Orleans, 48, F

Tim Stroud, Orleans, 50, M

Mary Taylor, Bedford, Ky., 53, F

Tim Taylor, Madison, 58, M

Julie Townsend, Madison, 41, F

Sunnye Troutman, Jeffersonville, 33, F

Daniel Versweyveld, Ghent, Ky., 61, M

Sian Versweyveld, Ghent, Ky., 19, F

Ray Voris, Madison, 76, M

Abigail Walburn, Hanover, 20, F

Bill Wardlaw, Sellersburg, 35, M

Brittney Wardlaw, Sellersburg, 34, F

William Warren, Madison, 56, M

Thomas Weber, Madison, 70, M

Suzanne Williams, Madison, 67, F

Larry Zimmerman, Madison, 53, M

Paula Zimmerman, Madison, 49, F