DEFENDING CHAMPS: The 2012 overall winner of the Madison Courier 10K Run was Jeremy Johnson, 18, of Austin with a time of 34:37 (left). Mackenzie Dye, 19, of New Castle, a runner for Hanover College, was the top female with a time of  40:17. (Courier file photo by Mark Campbell)
DEFENDING CHAMPS: The 2012 overall winner of the Madison Courier 10K Run was Jeremy Johnson, 18, of Austin with a time of 34:37 (left). Mackenzie Dye, 19, of New Castle, a runner for Hanover College, was the top female with a time of 40:17. (Courier file photo by Mark Campbell)
While the field has not been totally set for Saturday's Madison Courier Firecracker 10K Run, it looks like the event could see a banner turnout for its 35th annual running.

As of Thursday, 204 runners and 115 walkers have pre-registered for the event - up almost 25 percent over last year in the run while slightly down in the walk.

The Courier 10K, an official Madison Regatta event, will begin at 8 a.m. at Madison Consolidated High School on the hilltop and end at Lytle Park in downtown Madison. The winning runner is expected to cross the finish line a little over a half hour after the start.

Last year's overall winner was 18-year-old Jeremy Johnson of Austin, a freshman runner at Berea (Ky.) College who ran the 6.2-mile course in 34:37 to finish 29 seconds ahead of runner-up Logan Wells, 19, of Scottsburg.

The top female runner in 2012 was Mackenzie Dye, 19, of New Castle, a sophomore cross country and track athlete at Hanover College. Dye ran a 40:17 while Chelsea Stephan, 19, of Madison, was the female runner-up in 40:56.

The race record is a 29:44 clocking in 1990 by eventual three-time winner Cecil Franke of Dublin - the only runner to break 30 minutes in the history of the event.

With cool and overcast weather forecast for Saturday morning - and the fact that the run portion of the event will start 30 minutes earlier than past seasons - conditions could be optimal for someone to challenge Franke's 23-year-old record.

The honorary race starter will be Paul "Duke" Meyer, a well-known and longtime official IHSAA and NCAA starter of cross country and track and field meets throughout Indiana who has served as one of the event's most dedicated volunteers since the first Courier 10K in 1979.

The 2013 commemorative T-shirt is designed by local artist Jane Vonderheide. Awards will be presented to the top three finishers in each of 13 age divisions in the run - both men and women - as well as the top overall male and top overall female. No awards are given in the non-competitive walk.

Pre-registration for the event has now closed but walkers and runners can still register up until 7:45 a.m. on race day at the MCHS gymnasium.

Chip-timing will be utilized so runners and walkers should allow adequate time to attach those timing devices to their shoes prior to the start of the race and return them to race organizers upon completion of the event.

The cost for walkers is $15 and the cost for runners is $25. Check-in begins at 6:30 a.m. on race day and must be completed by 7:45 a.m.

Here is a list of the runners and walkers who have pre-registered for Saturday's Courier 10K.

Emily Adams, 25, F, Crestwood, Ky.

Rachel Alderman, 26, F, Madison

Elizabeth Allen, 43, F, Deputy

Christine Allred, 43, F, Sellersburg

Riley Allred, 14, F, Sellersburg

Adam Anderson, 12, M, Madison

Rebekah Anderson, 15, F, Madison

Sarah Anderson, 17, F, Madison

James C. Arvin, 42, M, Hanover

Troy L. Barnes, 49, M, Columbus

Joy Barron, 32, F, Madison

Matthew Barron, 32, M, Madison

Brooke Bell, 21, F, Madison

Shirley Bell, 66, F, LaGrange, Ky.

Gianna Bennett, 17, F, Hanover

Kim Bennett, 41, F, Madison

Rick Bennett, 56, M, Hanover

Robin C. Bomke, 62, M, Madison

Brooke Bond, 42, F, Louisville, Ky.

Andrea L. Boswell, 39, F, Madison

Aja Boudreau, 32, F, Indianapolis

Sonja Bowyer, 23, F, Madison

Shannon Brezko, 36, F, Indianapolis

Tina Brierly, 42, F, Madison

Amanda Briggs, 32, F, Dupont

Breanna Broad, 18, F, Madison

Tonia Bruther, 34, F, Madison

Kirsten Buop, 21, F, Fort Wayne

Tyler Canada, 21, M, Madison

Becky Canida, 34, F, Madison

Jillian Cantu, 31, F, Louisville, Ky.

Megan N. Carlton, 30, F, Hanover

Julie Chambers, 27, F, Indianapolis

Diana Chandler, 43, F, Austin

Jessica Chandler, 34, F, St. Louis, Mo.

Kim Cieslinski, 55, F, Madison

Ashley Cobb, 9, F, Brownsburg

Pamela Cobb, 41, F, Brownsburg

Kelly Combs, 36, F, Madison

Jack Conard, 60, M, Indianapolis

Lindsey Cook, 30, F, Madison

Jennifer Cornelius, 38, F, Madison

Bob G. Courtney, 50, M, Madison

Jessica Craig, 29, F, Indianapolis

John Crawley, 44, M, Madison

Stacy Crawley, 40, F, Madison

Kelly Culp, 32, F, Madison

Elizabeth Curtis, 29, F, Seymour

Mark Delozier, 41, M, Louisville, Ky.

Wendy Delozier, 42, F, Louisville, Ky.

Ana Diaz, 34, F, LaGrange, Ky.

Stephen Dickerson, 25, M, Madison

Mackenzie Dye, 20, F, New Castle

Peggy Eaglin, 43, F, Hanover

Ashton Elliott, 14, F, Hanover

Michael Ellis, 45, M, Cincinnati, Ohio

Nick Ellis, 42, M, Lexington

Robert Ellis, 74, M, Lexington

Brandy L. Ennulat, 40, F, Madison

Carmen Estes, 33, F, Madison

Delta Fairbrother, 40, F, Madison

Robert Fitzgerald, 61, M, Madison

Kathy Fory, 56, F, Madison

Heather Foy, 38, F, Madison

Ben Franklin, 81, M, Louisville, Ky.

Ryan Furnish, 17, M, Madison

Richard Gootee, 25, M, Henderson, Ky.

Sasha Gray, 30, F, Madison

Christopher Grote, 14, M, Madison

Dominic Grote, 47, M, Madison

Patti Grote, 47, F, Madison

Whitten Grote, 16, M, Madison

Addie Hall, 34, F, Madison

Jeremy Hall, 36, M, Madison

Randall Hardwick, 61, M, North Vernon

Cindy Harris, 44, F, Indianapolis

James Harris, 49, M, Indianapolis

Katie Harris, 33, F, Indianapolis

Angie Hart, 37, F, Madison

Kirsten Hart, 22, F, Lafayette

Melinda V. Heinritz, 44, F, Madison, Wis.

Mary M. Hertz-Spry, 50, F, Madison

Eric Hess, 42, M, Madison

Chris Higgins, 44, M, Madison

Merle Hines, 69, F, Batesville

Celestra Hoffman, F, Madison

Robert Huber, 51, M, Madison

Lesley Hunt, 22, F, Madison

Lindsay Hunt, 27, F, Madison

Wanda Hunt, 56, F, Madison

Patricia A. Hutsell, 45, F, Hanover

Isaac Schwarz, 12, M, Bedford, Ky.

Trajen K. Jenkins, 19, M, Madison

Bach Johnson, 40, M, Madison

Beth Johnson, 49, F, Madison

Jeremy Johnson, 19, M, Austin

Kim Johnson, 43, F, Madison

Monty Johnson, 51, M, Madison

Eric Jones, 50, M, Fletcher, N.C.

Kimberly Jones, 36, F, Cincinnati, Ohio

Marci Jones, 56, F, Madison

Parker Jones, 24, M, Kokomo

Elizabeth Kalkowski, 25, F, LaGrange, Ill.

Lynda Keeton, 33, F, St. Louis, Mo.

Jamie Kelsey, 35, F, Madison

Tom Knox, 26, M, Cincinnati, Ohio

Tony Kummer, 35, M, Hanover

Joe Laskowski, 34, M, Madison

Kim Lauderbaugh, 35, F, Hanover

Lynette Law, 29, F, Madison

Angie Lee, 38, F, Madison

Gretchen Lindquist, 36, F, Madison

Lillian Sue Livers, 63, F, Madison

Tomeka Livers, 38, F, Hanover

Millie Lyons, 52, F, Madison

Gary Maas, 60, M, Madison

Skip Maas, 15, M, Madison

Lisa Maddox, 37, F, Madison

Wayne Mahoney, 69, M, Hanover

Anastasia McAdams, 17, F, Bowling Green, Ky.

Sophie McAdams, 43, F, Bowling Green, Ky.

Ronnie McAllister, 48, M, Batesville

Perry McCollom, 79, M, Louisville, Ky.

Doug McIlvain, 44, M, Madison

Evan Meyer, 34, M, New York, N.Y.

Hannah Miller, 16, F, Madison

Marc Miller, 44, M, Madison

Sadie Miller, 14, F, Madison

Leeanne Minton, 40, F, Charlestown

Kathy Napier, 44, F, Bowling Green, Ky.

Gabby Nay, 17, F, Deputy

Isaiah Nay, 13, M, Deputy

Mya Nay, 11, F, Deputy

Sadie Nay, 9, F, Deputy

Austin Otis, 17, M, Canton, Ga.

Kristin Panning, 31, F, Noblesville

Paul Panning, 31, M, Noblesville

Jeremy Parsons, , M, Madison

Chris Petersen, 18, M, Hanover

Greg Petersen, 47, M, Madison

Michael S. Phillips, 41, M, Lexington

Vanetta Pike, 36, F, Madison

Matt Porter, 39, M, Madison

Jan Powell, 46, F, Madison

Rory Rathje, 48, M, Madison

Jim Rector, 72, M, Aurora

Joe Rector, 17, M, Aurora

Charles Ricketts, 72, M, Madison

Dave Riley, 48, M, Madison

Nathan Riley, 16, M, Madison

Kira Rimstidt, 13, F, Superior, Colo.

Carlos Rivero, 53, M, Madison

Glenn Rogers, 52, M, Madison

Jim Rowlett, 67, M, Madison

Kristopher Sandlin, 21, M, Scottsburg

James Schafer, 7, M, Madison

Luke Schafer, 11, M, Madison

Mark Schafer, 29, M, Madison

Rob Schafer, 43, M , Youngsville, N.C.

Evan Shields, 25, M, Madison

Yuliya Shlychkova, 27, F, New York, N.Y.

Joe Sinn, 24, M, Fort Wayne

Brad Smith, 33, M, Greenwood

Christen Smith, 33, F, Greenwood

Paulina Smith, 45, F, Hanover

Terri Southerland-Robbins, 35, F, Madison

Jonah K. Stephan, 16, M, Hanover

Joshua L. Stephan, 14, M, Hanover

Glenn Stevenson, 51, M, Madison

Kay Stokes, 47, F, Madison

Chloe Storm, 19, F, Madison

Curtis Strouse, 41, M, Madison

Chris Stucker, 35, M, Fishers

Dara Stucker, 35, F, Fishers

Michele Swing, 34, F, Atlanta, Ga.

Brent Taylor, 31, M, Bedford, Ky.

Gary Taylor, 56, M, Bedford, Ky.

Lindsay Taylor, 27, F, Bedford, Ky.

Jared Tekulve, 30, M, Lebanon, Ohio

Tiffani Tekulve, 28, F, Lebanon, Ohio

Joyce Terrell, 48, F, Hanover

Kristi Teske, 32, F, Clermont, Fla.

Robert W. Trigg, 68, M, Louisville, Ky.

Michael D. Turner, 53, M, Madison

Sage M. Turner, 21, M, Madison

Eric Vogler, 47, M, Angier, N.C.

Allen L. Watson, 61, M, Madison

Tom Webster, 35, M, Columbus

Megan Wehner, 28, F, Madison

Bob Weissmann, 44, M, Aurora

Chris Weissmann, 14, M, Aurora

Logan Wells, 20, M, Scottsburg

Carol Westerman, 75, F, Louisville, Ky.

Jerry Wheeler, 44, M, Hanover

Kylie Wilberding, 16, F, Milton, Ky.

Kristi Wisman, 40, F, Madison

Chuck Worcester, 44, M, Lexington

Cindy Wyant, 42, F, New Albany

Michael Wyant, 33, M, New Albany

Steven Wyant, 31, M, Independence, Ky.

Derek Wynn, 22, M, Madison

Angela Zimmerman, 48, F, New Albany

Alex Zorich, 18, M, Asheville, N.C.

Ken Zubaty, 36, M, Harker Heights, Texas


Keith Alexander, 60, M, Madison

Debbie Anderson, 40, F, Madison

Robin Ball, 54, F, Madison

Chris Bilz, 51, F, Madison

Krista Bird, 30, F, Jeffersonville

Candice Boley, 26, F, Hanover

John Brockman, 58, M, Carrollton, Ky.

Sue Brown, 53, F, New Castle

Lisa Calvin, 51, F, Terre Haute

Donna Coomer, 55, F, Charlestown

Gretchen Courson, 44, F, Madison

Cherri Cronen, 59, F, Madison

Paul Cronen, 62, M, Madison

Anita Davidson, 47, F, Madison

Sharon Dean, 57, F, Madison

Larry DeLong, 64, M, Orleans

Stephanie Eaglin, 15, F, Hanover

Elaine Endris, 14, F, Carmel

Paul Endris, 56, M, Carmel

Susan Endris, 50, F, Carmel

Linda Engle, 68, F, Madison

Abbe Ernstes, 34, F, Madison

Matt Ernstes, 36, M, Madison

Janet Fawbush, 61, F, Madison

Steve Fawbush, 67, M, Madison

Burk "Charles" Fleming, 68, M, Lafayette

Sharon M. Fleming, 66, F, Lafayette

Steven R. Floyd, 58, M, Bloomington

Bob Ford, 43, M, Madison

Debbie Ford, 53, F, Madison

Natalie Ford, 22, F, Jeffersonville

Emily Fox, 20, F, Madison

Gina Freeman, 52, F, Madison

Jocelyn Gregg, 22, F, Indianpolis

Cindy Gregory, 52, F, Charlestown

Gwen Grimes, 21, F, Lafayette

Vickie L. Grimes, 57, F, Jeffersonville

Emma Harrison, 45, F, North Vernon

Bobby Hart, 42, M, Madison

Julie Hart, 31, F, Madison

Kelley Hart, 44, F, Madison

Niki Hart, 39, F, Madison

Rick Hart, 52, M, Madison

Gabe Hearne, 34, M, Madison

Holly Hearne, 36, F, Madison

Angie Hertz, 41, F, Madison

Dawn Houze, 53, F, Lexington

Toni Huff, 47, F, Milton, Ky.

Susan Jacobs, 59, F, Jeffersonville

Brian K. Johnston, 62, M, Schnecksville, Pa.

Marsha Johnston, 64, F, Schnecksville, Pa.

Dana Kinney, 41, F, Bloomington

Karol G. Kirk, 64, F, Madison

Kristin Lamar, 33, F, Hanover

Jean Laskowski, 57, F, Madison

Mary Law, 57, F, Madison

Amy B. Lee, 40, F, Madison

Scott Lee, 51, M, Madison

Brenda K. Liter, 58, F, Madison

Gayle E. Liter, 58, M, Madison

Andrea Little, 15, F, Whiteland

Betty L. Maddox, 57, F, Madison

Laura Mahoney, 43, F, Madison

Josh Marshall, 32, M, Indianapolis

Laney Marshall, 11, F, Madison

Ronald L. Marshall, 66, M, Madison

Sara Marshall, 25, F, Indianapolis

Sherrye Marshall, 40, F, Madison

Melissa May, 41, F, Madison

Linda McCarty, 59, F, Anchorage, Ky.

Mike McKay, 62, M, Madison

Mary Mehl, 25, F, Madison

Bryan Meyer, 27, M, Jeffersonville

Tiffany Meyer, 26, F, Jeffersonville

Georgia Moore, 35, F, Atlanta, Ga.

Randy Moore, 48, M, Madison

Mike New, 48, M, Hanover

Derek Newsome, 30, M, Madison

Kelly Newsome, 25, F, Madison

Cheryl Patton, 51, F, Madison

Elizabeth Patton, 24, F, Carrollton, Ky.

Emily Patton, 19, F, Madison

Natalie Pelsor, 51, F, Madison

Donna Perry, 51, F, Madison

Allison Rademacher, 19, F, Memphis

Andrea Rademacher, 22, F, Memphis

Ed Ricketts, 48, M, Dupont

Gretchen Ricketts, 20, F, Dupont

Kayla Riley, 20, F, Madison

Melanie Riley, 49, F, Madison

Donnie Scholl, 54, M, Milton, Ky.

Lisa Schwartz, 44, F, Madison

Don Schwartz, JR, 46, M, Madison

Sue Shoaf, 54, F, Berne

Bridget Skvara, 34, F, Madison

Amy Spann, 34, F, Jeffersonville

Hilary Steinhardt, 43, F, Indianapolis

Angela Stephan, 41, F, Hanover

Chrissy Stewart, 38, F, Lexington

Angie Stuart, 47, F, Madison

Mary Taylor, 51, F, Bedford, Ky.

Sunnye Troutman, 31, F, Jeffersonville

Candace Vladimirovs, 28, F, Madison

Bill Wardlaw, 33, M, Sellersburg

Brittany Wardlaw, 32, F, Sellersburg

William M. Warren, 54, M, Madison

Betania Wentworth, 31, F, Madison

Jamie White, 36, F, Madison

Jim Willis, 59, M, Prospect, Ky.

Mary Pat Willis, 58, F, Prospect, Ky.

Ruth Wilson, 31, F, Hanover

Shari Wilson, 50, F, Madison

Paula Ann York, 53, F, Lexington

Yancy York, 52, M, Lexington