Kris Sandlin
Kris Sandlin
Based on advanced registration, more than 150 runners and about 55 walkers plan to take part in Saturday’s 40th running of the Madison Courier Firecracker 10K Run/Walk.

Eighty-three females and 73 males have signed up for the Saturday morning 6.2-mile road race from Madison Consolidated High School on the hilltop to Lytle Park in downtown Madison.

Who has not signed up to date are last year’s run winners Kris Sandlin, the overall and male winner, and Cindy Harris, the top female finisher. However, both Sandlin and Harris were day-of-race entries a year ago when Sandlin, 25, of Vevay, ran to his record fourth Courier 10K win and Harris, 48, of Indianapolis, picked up her first victory in the event.

In fact, none of the previous winners — male or female — are preregistered for the event.

Sandlin, who first won the Courier 10K in 2013, went for and scored his record fourth overall win last year. However, he still trails former Clarksville runner Amanda Bell in overall wins by gender. Bell was the top female in five consecutive Courier 10Ks from 2000 to 2004.

The overall course record is held by Cecil Franke, who as a 22-year-old from Osgood in 1990 ran the course in 29:44 — the only sub-30-minute clocking in the event’s history. Franke went on to win again in 2005 and 2006 at ages 36 and 37 with times of 30:22.10 and 30:10.80.

Lori Veal, a 25-year-old from Indianapolis, set the women’s course record at 34:19 in 1985.

Former Madison and Indiana Tech sprinter Wayne Sherbahn Jr. will serve as the honorary starter. He holds two Madison school records, won two sectional titles in the 100 meters and was a state finalist his senior year. In college, he was one of the top sprinters in the Warriors’ program with 13 conference championships, eight national championships while being named NAIA All-American seven times.

When Sherbahn fires the starter’s pistol at 8:15 a.m. the runners will lead off followed by the walkers.

“It felt pretty good that I was honored and people were still looking at me to do things and help everyone out in the community,” Sherbahn said. “I’ve always read about who won and read articles about it. I’ve watched long distance running in college but it is going to be interesting and cool watching in my hometown. I’ve never started any kind of race before and there might be some people that I’ll know that will be in the race.”

“We selected Wayne because he is a local athlete who is pursuing his sport at the highest level,” Madison Courier publisher Curt Jacobs said. “He has overcome adversity and continues to reach for lofty goals. I think these are attributes that are worth honoring and highlighting.”

Custom awards are presented in all run divisions as well as the top male and female runners. No awards are presented in the non-competitive walk.

After a brutal week or high temperatures and high humidity, cooler weather and lower humidity is forecast for race day. Water stations are located throughout the course and emergency medical staffer will be onsite to assist anyone in distress.

Race day registration is still available beginning at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday at Madison Consolidated High School. Cost is $30 for runners and $20 for walkers and that includes a T-shirt and race packet.

Here’s a list of the runners and walkers who have preregistered for Saturday’s 40th Courier 10K with name, age and hometown:

Female Runners

Allison Knoebel, 11, Madison

Ava Turner, 11, Madison

Kira Wells, 11, Madison

Claire Bilz, 14, Madison

Caroline Green, 14, Gaithersburg, Md.

Abigail Hill, 15, Madison

Elaine Endris, 18, Carmel

Shadi Charmsazi, 22, Madison

Chloe Griffith, 23, Bedford, Ky.

Taylor Harmon, 23, Cincinnati, Ohio

Emily Fox, 24, Madison

Emily Fox, 25, Madison

Savannah Jones, 25, Madison

Brooke Wynn, 26, Madison

Samantha Taylor, 27, Madison

Sydney Davis, 28, Clarksville

Sara Marshall, 29, Indianapolis

Meg Ridley, 30, Indianapolis

Kate Bagienski, 31, Oakwood, Ohio

Alicia Gramlich, 31, Deputy

Lisa Schafer, 31, West Chester, Ohio

Lindsay Hunt, 32, Madison

Elizabeth McMahan, 32, Madison

Lisa Taylor, 32, Madison

Ashley Shoemaker Hill, 33, Indianapolis

Jessica Lock, 34, Madison

Sara Sontag, 34, Hanover

Ashley Wyant, 34, Independence, Ky.

Kristin Panning, 36, Noblesville

Erin Baker, 38, Floyd’s Knobs

Beth Lichlyter, 38, Hanover

Michele Swing, 39, Atlanta, Ga.

Megan Owens, 40, Madison

Kelly Freeman, 41, Brandenburg, Ky.

Erin Muslera, 41, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Lisa Dalgleish, 42, Madison

Jaqueline Hart, 42, Madison

Angie Lee, 43, Madison

Julie Schafer, 43, Westfield

Amy B. Lee, 45, Madison

Leeanne Minton, 45, Charlestown

Candace Worcester, 46, Lexington

Missy Brinson, 47, Madison

Natalie Hill, 47, Madison

Joyce Consley, 48, Lexington

Donna Esterle, 48, Louisville, Ky.

Katherine Salmon, 48, Burlington, Ky.

Carrie Blades, 49, Madison

Donna Friedman, 50, Burnsville, Minn.

Michelle Hubbard, 50, Madison

Christian Powers, 51, Madison

Melissa R. Mays, 52, Madison

Teresa Duke, 53, Lexington

Michelle Griffith, 53, Bedford, Ky.

Konnie McCollum, 53, Madison

Susan Endris, 54, Carmel

Cindie Vanderbur, 54, Dupont

Chris Bilz, 55, Madison

Cheryle Loveland, 55, New Albany

Mary Taylor, 55, Bedford, Ky.

Chris Gourley, 56, Madison

Paula Harmon, 56, Madison

Sue Brown, 58, New Castle

Sandra Beckhart, 60, Prospect, Ky.

Kyleen Center, 60, Madison

Kim Cieslinski, 60, Madison

Cita Goeppner, 60, Hanover

Marci Jones, 60, Madison

Cynthia Maas, 60, Keller, Texas

Sharon Dean, 61, Madison

Wanda Hunt, 62, Madison

Julie Maas, 62, Madison

Diana Dryden, 63, Madison

Susan Jacobs, 63, Madison

Cindy Vanderbur, 63, Madison

Kathey Freeman, 64, Madison

Janet Greenwood, 64, Milton, Ky.

Peg Polanski, 64, Cincinnati, Ohio

Chris Wilcox, 65, Madison

Nancy Newell, 66, Madison

Kate Brown, 67, Madison

Shirley Bell, 71, LaGrange, Ky.

Louise Kant, 84, Madison

Male Runners

Logan Swing, 9, Atlanta, Ga.

William Macke, 12, Florence, Ky.

Miles Salmon, 12, Burlington, Ky.

Anthony Friedman, 14, Burnsville, Minn.

Zachary Friedmann, 14, Burnsville, Minn.

Kolton Bentz, 15, Dupont

Cole Purcell, 16, Weatogue, Conn.

Trevor Smith, 16, Lexington

Bradley Winston, 18, Hanover

Brandon Yowler, 21, Bedford, Ky.

Zane Williams, 22, Madison

Noah Miller, 23, Madison

Kaleb Nab, 23, Carrollton, Ky.

Jonathan Claypoole, 24, Hanover

Bill Jones, 27, Madison

Derek Wynn, 27, Madison

Andrew Goeppner, 30, Hanover

Andrew Garrett, 31, Madison

Ross Bagienski, 32, Oakwood, Ohio

Kyle Schafer, 32, West Chester, Ohio

Hossein Alisafaee, 33, Madison

Greg Scott, 33, Holton

Josh Marshall, 36, Indianapolis

Paul Panning, 36, Noblesville

Matt Barron, 37, Madison

Will Corwin, 40, Madison

Lucas Jenkins, 40, Beverly Hills, Mich.

George McDole, 40, Milton, Ky.

William Corwin, 42, Madison

Brian Dalgleish, 42, Madison

Matt Sipe, 42, Underwood

Julie Webster, 42, Milton, Ky.

Javier Muslera, 43, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Glenn J. Ward, 47, Columbus

John Higgins, 48, Canaan

Kevin Burnette, 49, Dupont

Marc Miller, 49, Madison

Michael Ellis, 50, Cincinnati, Ohio

Chris Hill, 50, Madison

Scott Hubbard, 50, Madison

Scott Nab, 50, Carrollton, Ky.

Darren Harmon, 51, Madison

Greg Petersen, 52, Madison

Michael White, 53, Madison

Tom Blades, 54, Madison

Curt Vanderbur, 54, Dupont

Bob G. Courtney, 55, Madison

Ron Harmon, 55, Madison

Tom Coulter, 56, Jeffersonville

Glenn Stevenson, 56, Madison

Fred Wood, 56, Fort Worth, Texas

Brad Becraft, 57, Sanders, Ky.

Francis Salmon, 57, Burlington, Ky.

John Friedmann, 58, Burnsville, Minn.

Don Gramlich, 58, Deputy

Carlos Rivero, 58, Madison

William Warren, 58, Madison

Donnie Scholl, 59, Milton, Ky.

Mark Campbell, 60, Shelbyville

Paul III Endris, 60, Carmel

Jeff Phillips, 60, Hanover

Steven Floyd, 62, Bloomington

Bill Leveridge, 62, New Castle

Robert Fitzgerald, 65, Madison

Gary Maas, 66, Madison

Allen L. Watson, 66, Madison

Ronald Marshall, 70, Madison

Jim Rowlett, 71, Madison

Wayne Mahoney, 74, Hanover

Charles Ricketts, 77, Madison

Michael Brown, 79, Madison

Ray Voris, 79, Madison

Perry McCollom, 84, Louisville, Ky.



Debbie Anderson, 45, Madison

Lynette Anderson, 45, Lexington

Gail Becraft, 53, Sanders, Ky.

Chris Bilz, 56, Madison

Carrie Blades, 50, Madison

Tom Blades, 55, Madison

Missy Brinson, 48, Madison

Kate Brown, 68, Madison

Mike Brown, 80, Madison

Sue Brown, 59, New Castle

Elizabeth E. Bryan, 70, Madison

Dawn Combs, 52, Scottsburg

Christopher A. Craig, 53, Madison

Brian Dalgleish, 43, Madison

Lisa Dalgleish, 43, Madison

Jordan Dean, 20, Madison

Michelle Dean, 48, Madison

Sharon K. Dean, 62, Madison

Robert J. Fitzgerald, 66, Madison

Steven R. Floyd, 63, Bloomington

Stephen Fox, 64, Madison

Donna Friedmann, 51, Burnsville, Minn.

Michael Green, 56, Gaithersburg, Md.

Darren Harmon, 52, Madison

Paula Harmon, 57, Madison

Amanda Jackson, 38, Lexington

Susan Jacobs, 64, Madison

Marci Jones, 61, Madison

Stephen R. Jones, 52, Madison

Tonya C. Jones, 50, Madison

Louise Kant, 85, Fishers

Debbie Keller, 62, Hanover

Coy G. Kelso, 87, Madison

Donna Koehler, 51, Hanover

Greg Koehler, 51, Hanover

Jamie Lutes, 48, Madison

Lisa Nab, 51, Carrollton, Ky.

Jason Noel, 45, Lexington

Nancy Owen, 56, Madison

Gretchen Poindexter, 49, Madison

Alice Reams, 56, Bedford, Ky.

Truena Reed, 52, Madison

Jeanine Rhodes, 64, Madison

Scelia Sizemore, 46, Madison

Becky Staab, 60, Madison

Amos Taylor, 23, Madison

Austin Taylor, 24, Madison

Rhonda Taylor, 57, Madison

Ron Taylor, 58, Madison

Tim Taylor, 59, Madison

John Vaughn, 48, Carmel

Lisa Vaughn, 53, Carmel

William M. Warren, 59, Madison

Nicole Weber, 37, Hanover

Julie Webster, 43, Madison