Three-time winner Kris Sandlin will be back this year seeking his record fourth career win. (Courier file photo by Mark Campbell)
Three-time winner Kris Sandlin will be back this year seeking his record fourth career win. (Courier file photo by Mark Campbell)
Saturday’s 39th running of the Madison Courier Firecracker 10K could field a new race winner, an old winner who could set a record for career wins or in some ways all of the above.

Defending champ Kyle Stansbury, 31, of Springville, is not among the 111 runners who have preregistered for the event nor is three-time champion Kris Sandlin, 25, of Vevay.

Sandlin, a former star runner at Scottburg and Franklin College, came into the 2016 event riding a streak of three straight wins in the Courier 10K but a lack of training as he transitioned from collegiate runner to high school coach at Switzerland County High School left him vulnerable to first time champion Stansbury.

While Sandlin’s string of victories — and his first shot at passing Cecil Franke’s long-standing record for wins — fell just under a minute short, he could take pride in the fact that his young protegé from Switzerland County, Leah Anders, was last year’s top female finisher.

Anders, 16, of Rising Sun, has already registered for the race and will be back to defend her title and Sandlin has said he will be back as well and maybe a little better prepared to chase a record fourth career win.

Sandlin actually finished third last season. Stansbury ran the 6.2-mile course in 31:57 while 2010 Courier 10K winner Danny Fisher, 33, of Natick, Massachusetts, was the runner-up in 32:21 with Sandlin another 25 seconds back in 32:56.

“I’ve been training some. Maybe not to the intensity I would like but we will see if I’m in shape by July 1,” Sandlin said recently.

Considering that Sandlin’s three wins — 31:44 in 2013, 31:18 in 2014 and 31:12 in 2015 — all came with times faster than Stansbury’s 31:57 mark under ideal conditions last year, Franke’s wins total could be in jeopardy even if his overall record time in the event — a blistering 29:44 that he ran as a 21-year-old in 1990 — still looks pretty bullet-proof.

Overall 284 runners and 146 walkers — 430 total — completed the 2016 race and 111 runners and 74 walkers — 185 total — have pre-registered for the 2017 race through Wednesday. The pre-race check in opens at 6:30 a.m. Saturday at Madison Consolidated High School and runners and walkers may still enter the event up until 30 minutes before the 8:15 a.m. starting time at a cost of $25 for runners and $15 for walkers. The race ends at Lytle Park in downtown Madison.

Former Southwestern and Hanover College track and field star Savannah Hubbard will serve as the honorary starter. When she fires the starter’s pistol at 8:15 a.m. a wave of runners will lead off with the walkers to follow.

Hubbard holds six Hanover College schools records, conference championships in both the long jump and javelin, and a top 20 NCAA Division III national ranking in both the indoor pentathlon (15th) and outdoor heptathlon (19th).

“It’s an honor. I’ve always looked up to the 10K starters,” Hubbard said. “... being a starter of the 10K is being a role model for the community and I’ve always wanted to do things like that and be a role model for other athletes.”

“The committee thinks that Savannah is a great starter. Her success is the culmination of hard work, determination, and dedication to excellence,” Madison Courier publisher Curt Jacobs said. “She is a great inspiration to local athletes, young, and not so young that you achieve a high level of athletic success right here in our local community. We are honored to have her as our starter.”

Custom awards are presented in all run divisions as well as the top male and female runners. No awards are presented in the non-competitive walk.

A list of the runners and walkers pre-registered as of Wednesday afternoon.

Female Runners

Allison Knoebel, 10, Madison

Ava Turner, 10, Madison

Claire Bilz, 13, Madison

Elinor Detmer, 13, Chicago

Abigail Hill, 14, Madison

Leah Anders, 16, Rising Sun

Caty Battjes, 16, Hanover

Kristin Thorpe, 17, Hanover

Brienne Copeland, 20, Madison

Katherine Irvine, 20, Cincinnati

Amelia Irvine, 22, Cincinnati

Mary Tess Irvine, 23, Cincinnati

Savannah Jones, 23, Madison

Olivia Daugherty, 24, Madison

Monica Harvey, 26, Franklin

Rachel Sharpe, 26, Madison

Renee Bruck, 27, Scottsburg

Hayley Franklin, 27, Carrollton, Ky.

Nicole Goble, 27, Carrollton, Ky.

Molly O’Brien, 28, Cincinnati

Megan Gilley, 29, Bedford, Ky.

Leah McCollum, 29, Jeffersonville

Lindsay Hunt, 31, Madison

Miranda McBride, 34, Madison

Sara Colen, 35, Madison

Kristin Panning, 35, Madison

Joy Barron, 36, Madison

Stephanie Fox, 36, Madison

Lynda Keeton, 37, St. Louis

Jessica Chandler, 38, St. Louis

Dara Stucker, 38, Fishers

Michele Swing, 38, Atlanta

Kate Tran, 38, Berea, Ky.

Heather Walter, 39, Nabb

Jackie Gross, 40, Madison

Carrie Owens, 40, North Vernon

Heather Foy, 42, Madison

Angie Lee, 42, Madison

Tomeka Livers, 42, Hanover

Julie Schafer, 42, Madison

Julie Schafer, 42, Westfield

Melanie Banks, 43, Vevay

Leeanne Minton, 43, Charlestown

Amy Lee, 44, Madison

Cindy Porter, 45, Madison

Natalie Hill, 46, Madison

Joyce Consley, 47, Lexington

Cindy Harris, 48, Indianapolis

Dawnice Moll, 48, Bedford, Ky.

Victoria Shirley, 48, Madison

Bettie Smith, 48, Madison

Angela Lauster, 51, St Petersburg, Fla.

Karla McCollum, 52, Madison

Konnie McCollum, 52, Madison

Janet Kleopfer, 54, Madison

Kim Cieslinski, 59, Madison

Barbara Ellwein, 60, Cincinnati

Julie Maas, 61, Madison

Mary Jones, 62, Scottsburg


Male Runners

Luke Sullivan, 8, Vevay

Logan Swing, 8, Atlanta

Zachary Friedmann, 13, Burnsville, Minn.

Jack Grote, 13, Madison

Anthony Siener, 15, North Vernon

Trevor Smith, 15, Lexington

Alexander Hendrix, 16, Paris Crossing

Carter Leak, 16, North Vernon

Simon Detmer, 17, Chicago

Bradley Winston, 17, Hanover

Christopher Grote, 18, Madison

Jacob McGlasson, 18, Hanover

Samuel Detmer, 19, Chicago

Gregory Maas, 19, Madison

Brandon Scroggins, 25, Hanover

Bill Jones, 26, Madison

Devon Sharpe, 26, Madison

Joseph Perkinson, 28, Milton, Ky.

Luke Shirley, 28, Madison

Brett Eppley, 29, Madison

Nick Phillips, 31, Lexington

Paul Panning, 35, Madison

Matthew Barron, 36, Madison

Robert Sullivan, 38, Vevay

Chris Stucker, 39, Fishers

Lee Tran, 39, Berea, Ky.

Burton Chambers, 42, Madison

Floyd Smith, 42, Nabb

Matt Porter, 43, Madison

Mark Wynn, 46, Madison

Chris Hill, 49, Madison

Dominic Grote, 51, Madison

Gregory Petersen, 51, Madison

Christopher Craig, 52, Madison

Luke McCollum, 52, Madison

James Harris, 53, Indianapolis

Jeff Mires, 53, New Albany

Dana Irvine, 53, Cincinnati

Glenn Rogers, 56, Madison

John Friedmann, 58, Burnsville, Minn.

Donnie Scholl, 58, Milton, Ky.

Duane Cieslinski, 60, Madison

Gary Taylor, 60, Bedford, Ky.

Gary Maas, 64, Madison

Allen Watson, 65, Madison

Mike Harris, 70, Madison

Dean Wygant, 70, Versailles

Jim Rowlett, 71, Madison

Robert W. Trigg, 72, Louisville, Ky.

Wayne Mahoney, 73, Hanover

Ray Voris, 78, Madison

Perry McCollom, 83, Louisville, Ky.



Hossein Alisafaee, 33, Madison

Chris Bilz, 55, Madison

Carrie Blades, 49, Madison

Tom Blades, 54, Madison

Missy Brinson, 47, Madison

Kate Brown, 67, Madison

Michael Brown, 79, Madison

Sue Brown, 58, New Castle

Kyleen Center, 60, Madison

Shadi Charmsazi, 22, Madison

Will Corwin, 40, Madison

Brian Dalgleish, 42, Madison

Lisa Dalgleish, 42, Madison

Sharon Dean, 61, Madison

Diana Dryden, 63, Madison

Teresa Duke, 53, Lexington

Elaine Endris, 18, Carmel

Paul III Endris, 60, Carmel

Susan Endris, 54, Carmel

Robert Fitzgerald, 65, Madison

Steven Floyd, 62, Bloomington

Emily Fox, 24, Madison

Kathey Freeman, 64, Madison

Kelly Freeman, 41, Brandenburg, Ky.

Anthony Friedman, 14, Burnsville, Minn.

Donna Friedman, 50, Burnsville, Minn.

Heidi Geiges, 52, Redwood City, Calif.

Andrew Goeppner, 30, Hanover

Cita Goeppner, 60, Hanover

Chris Gourley, 56, Madison

Melinda Graham, 36, Madison

Janet Greenwood, 64, Milton, Ky.

Darren Harmon, 51, Madison

Paula Harmon, 56, Madison

Ron Harmon, 55, Madison

Taylor Harmon, 23, Cincinnati

Kelly Harrison, 57, Madison

Jaqueline Hart, 42, Madison

Michelle Hubbard, 50, Madison

Scott Hubbard, 50, Madison

Susan Jacobs, 63, Madison

Marci Jones, 60, Madison

Louise Kant, 84, Madison

Beth Lichlyter, 38, Hanover

William Macke, 12, Florence, Ky.

Josh Marshall, 36, Indianapolis

Ronald Marshall, 70, Madison

Sara Marshall, 29, Indianapolis

Jacqueline McDaniel, 45, Madison

George McDole, 40, Milton, Ky.

Elizabeth McMahan, 32, Madison

Nancy Newell, 66, Madison

Christian Powers, 51, Madison

Francis Salmon, 57, Burlington, Ky.

Katherine Salmon, 48, Burlington, Ky.

Miles Salmon, 12, Burlington, Ky.

Greg Scott, 33, Holton

Julie Smith, 38, Madison

Sara Sontag, 34, Hanover

Mary Taylor, 55, Bedford, Ky.

Samantha Taylor, 27, Madison

Cindie Vanderbur, 54, Dupont

Cindy Vanderbur, 63, Madison

Curt Vanderbur, 54, Dupont

William Warren, 58, Madison

Julie Webster, 42, Milton, Ky.

Kira Wells, 11, Madison

Michael White, 53, Madison

Chris Wilcox, 65, Madison

Patti Grote, 51, Madison

Maria Grote, 53, Madison

Holly Robinson, 44, Madison

Gretchen Poindexter, 48, Madison

Melissa Mathews, 54, Madison

Mary Willey, 54, Fishers