Recently graduated Madison Cub Wayne Sherbahn just completed a highly successful senior season which saw him reach the state finals in the 100-meter dash.

But the success didn't end once the season ended. Late last week, it was discovered that Sherbahn actually broke the school record in the 100-meter dash, one of the most coveted marks on any school's board.

The record came during the Talon Relays in Clarksville when Sherbahn recorded a time of 11.04. But because Sherbahn's time came using an automated system - and the previous record holders' came using hand-held timing - it took a few weeks to determine what exactly was the actual record.

"This was a hard record to sort out because of how it was timed," Madison coach Scott Holcroft said. "In almost all of our meets, they use FAT (fully automatic timing). By using the FAT it eliminates human errors that can go along with timing such as not starting the watch quick enough or stopping it too soon."

The old record was 10.9 and was jointly held by Robert Lamothe (1988), Shawn Cantrell (1992) and Casey Perkins (1996). To convert hand-held times to FAT, the time is rounded to the nearest 10th of a second and .24 is added.

Each of the previous record-holders ran times in the 10.8s, which were then rounded to 10.9. When the .24 is added to adjust to the FAT, their adjusted record beacame 11.14 and Sherbahn's official FAT time beat that by one-tenth of a second.

"This has been one of Wayne's goals that he had set since he was a freshman," Holcroft said. "I wish I could have given him credit for it when he set it but I was still trying to sort it all out. Wayne now has his name on the record board twice. Once for the 100 and he was part of the 4 x 100 last year. If we had a record for the indoor 55 meter I know he would have had that record also. He is going to do very well next year when he runs for Indiana Tech."