The accolades keep coming for Madison center Olivia Crozier who was named to the IBCA Junior All-Star Team on Tuesday.

Crozier, a 6-foot-1 center, was one of just 18 players selected for the team that will scrimmage the Indiana All-Stars as well as play the top juniors from Kentucky.

"It's pretty awesome. I actually didn't think I would have much of a shot of making it," Crozier said on Wednesday. "When you play with people as good as that you learn just as much as you do playing against them and I'm excited."

Crozier is one of six "South" players who will join the "Core" group for an exhibition against the seniors. Six other players from the North will team with the Core for a second exhibition. Those games will be played June 9 and 11, but specifics have not been announced.

Later, Crozier will play in one of the two exhibitions against Indiana's counterparts from Kentucky. One game will be on June 6 at Scecina High School in Indianapolis and the other on June 7 in Lexington, Ky.

Crozier knows several of her junior teammates already. Bedford North Lawrence's Dominique McBryde and Jenna Allen were named to the Core group and BNL's Alexa Bailey will be on the South squad. Tori Schickel of Evansville Mater Dei will also be on the Core team.

Crozier also knows another Core member, Merrillville's Victoria Gaines, through their competitions on the AAU circuit.

"I've played against her and we've become pretty good friends," Crozier said. "We've always wanted to have a chance to play together and now we can. That's pretty exciting."

Crozier committed to Southeast Missouri State over Christmas break but will be on a roster full of players who will be going to Big 10 and Atlantic Coast Conference schools. She said she relishes the chance to match up against the best of the best.

"Torie (Gaines) is going to Michigan State and Ali (Patberg) is going to Notre Dame. I like to think of myself as little bit of an underdog," Crozier said. "I'm going to try to show them what I've got and maybe surprise people a little."

Inclusion on the Junior All-Star team can serve as a precurser to making the senior team a year later. Crozier is the first player locally to make the Indiana girls team since Southwestern's Catherine Graham in 2002. Carroll County's Whitney Ballinger was on the Kentucky team in 2006.

Along with her honor as a Junior All-Star, Crozier was also named an honorable mention selection for the IBCA/Subway Girls All-State Team.

Crozier was listed with the underclassmen along with Switzerland County's Eve Galbreath. Madison's Whitney Wynn was named honorable mention among the seniors.

The IBCA names 18 players to its respective first team with the rest garnering honorable mention.