Madison and Southwestern split a pair of swim meets Tuesday in Hanover.

The Rebels won the girls meet 88-81 over Madison while the Cubs won the boys meet 107-60. Both schools picked up wins over Shawe in the girls meet, 108-12 for Madison and 136-12 for Southwestern.

"This was the first time that Southwestern has defeated Madison in this meet. We were very impressed with the team effort given by the girls tonight," Southwestern coach Shelly Anderson said. "The last relay determined the winner of the contest. Our team has doubled in size and every swim was important for us. We had some kids really step up for both the boys and the girls. We had several best times for both teams. We have a lot of new swimmers this year who are really dedicated athletes. We're enjoying having a full pool during practices."

"We are very pleased with all the swims tonight," Madison coach Stacy Crawley said. "We have a big boys team with a lot of potential and a strong girls team despite our low numbers - a great first meet going into the season."

Shawe's Liz Grote, the only member of her team, scored a pair of wins on the night. Grote, a senior, won the 200-yard individual medley in 2:31.81 and the 100-yard butterfly in 1:07.72.

Winning events for Southwestern's girls were: Jordan Worcester, 100 free, 1:01.03 and 100 back, 1:13.39; Lakin Henderson, 100 breast, 1:22.61; Worcester, Gianna Bennett, Henderson and Meredith Webber, 200 medley relay, 2:16.23, and 400 free relay, 4:23.80.

Winning events for the Madison girls were: Lauren Anderson, 200 free, 2:22.90; Taylor Phillips, 50 free, 29.71; Tess Lemen, 500 free, 6:31.60; and Phillips, Bobbi Cruz, Anderson and Lemen, 200 free relay, 2:01.97.

Winning events for Madison's boys were: Sean Brink, 200 free, 2:15.06 and 500 free, 6:22.06; Grant Ward, 200 IM, 2:34.72 and 100 back, 1:09.25; Hayden McMahon, 50 free, 24.61 and 100 free, 55.97; Flynn Moore, 100 fly, 1:04.44; Calvin Willhite, 100 breast, 1:18.03; Ward, Willhite, McMahon and Moore, 200 medley relay, 1:58.74; and McMahon, Willhite, Moore and Brink, 200 free relay, 1:45.38.

Southwestern's lone win in the boys meet was posted by the quartet of Nathan Anderson, Zachary Hamilton, Dylan Truesdell and Jacob Grayson in the 400 free relay in 4:24.93.

Other top three finishes for Southwestern's girls were: Gianna Bennett, second, 200 IM, 2:38.44 and second, 100 breast, 1:23.26; Meredith Webber, second, 50 free, 31.07; Lakin Henderson, second, 500 free, 6:35.98; Zaynah Watson, Sara Judge, Rebekah Anderson, Julia Vazquez, second, 200 free relay, 2:16.44; Anderson, third, 200 free, 2:32.65; Cassidy Weaver, Anderson, Watson and Judge, third, 200 medley relay, 2:26.18; Carol Osborn, Sarah Schroeder, Kaitlyn Deskins and Taylor Suthard, third, 200 free relay, 2:28.89; and Elizabeth Scianni, Osborn, Deskins and Weaver, third, 400 free relay, 5:35.81.

Other top three finishes for Madison's girls were: Hannah Riley, second, 200 free, 2:29.66 and third, 500 free, 6:54.79; Tess Lemen, second, 100 fly, 1:13.85; Lauren Anderson, second, 100 free, 1:03.64; Taylor Phillips, second, 100 back, 1:18.81; Phillips, Bobbi Cruz, Lemen and Keelin Watkins, second, 200 medley relay, 2:17.90; Anderson, Riley, Amber Umila and Watkins, second, 400 free relay, 4:30.76; Cruz, third, 200 IM, 2:52.75; Maggie Lee, third, 50 free, 33.71; Watkins, third, 100 fly, 1:22.28 and third, 100 breast, 1:26.69; and Umila, third, 100 free, 1:08.94 and third, 100 back, 1:26.98.

Other top three finishes for the Madison boys were: Calvin Willihite, second, 200 IM, 2:43.78; Flynn Moore, second, 50 free, 25.60; Andrew Strouse, Trajen Jenkins, Noah Miller and Ryan Hammond, second, 200 free relay, 2:04.48; Miller, Brink, Gabe McMahon and Grant Ward, second, 400 free relay, 4:25.35; Gabe McMahon, third, 100 fly, 1:21.52; Ryan Hammond, third, 500 free, 8:27.76; Jenkins, third, 100 breast, 1:22.92; Gabe McMahon, Jenkins, Hammond and Miller, third, 200 medley relay, 2:47.41; and Hammond, Reed Dirksen, Strouse and Cameron Wykoff, third, 400 free relay, 5:41.87.

Other top three finishes for the Southwestern boys were: Nathan Anderson, second, 200 free, 2:28.30 and second, 100 back, 1:14.21; Dylan Truesdell, second, 100 fly, 1:20.94; Travis Higham, second, 100 free, 1:11.63 and third, 50 free, 29.56; Nicholas Battjes, second, 500 free, 7:20.17 and third, 100 back, 1:37.37; Zachary Hamilton, second, 100 breast, 1:19.88 and third, 200 IM, 2:47.72; Anderson, Hamilton, Jacob Grayson and Truesdell, second, 200 medley relay, 2:12.36; Jacob Shaffer, third, 200 free, 2:36.10 and third, 100 free, 1:13.22; and Shaffer, Ryan Furnish, Higham and Battjes, third, 200 free relay, 2:04.96.

Madison returns to action Thursday at Jennings County. Southwestern next swims at Lawrenceburg on Saturday.