Nucor Tubular Products has signed on as the first major sponsor of the 2020 Madison Regatta.

Details of the deal were not released.

“We are so happy to announce Nucor Tubular products has joined us for the second year,” Madison Regatta Sponsorship Chair Mike Lichlyter said in a statement. “(They) are becoming a great community partner and our relationship is growing each year. Thank you to Nucor Tubular Products for stepping up in a big way to make the 70th Madison Regatta and Gold Cup one of the all-time best.”

“Nucor Tubular products has been an amazing partner with Madison Regatta. We simply could not do what we do without a relationship like we have with Nucor,” Madison Regatta President Matt True said. “This event gets bigger each year and Nucor Tubular Products is playing a big role in making that happen.”

According to the company’s website, Nucor Tubular Products is a leading manufacturer of carbon steel pipe and tubing, and electrical steel conduit. The company has seven locations across the United States with a total capacity exceeding 1.1 million tons per year. One of the company’s manufacturing facilities is located in Madison.

The 2020 season will be the 70th for Madison Regatta and will feature the running of the APBA Gold Cup for the second-straight year. Local favorite Jimmy Shane and the Miss Home Street/Miss Madison won the 2019 Cup a year ago and is aiming for a repeat.

Grand Prix America series coming to Owensboro

The Grand Prix America hydroplane series will stage a race in Owensboro, Kentucky, this summer, the city announced on Wednesday.

The automotive-powered class, which has 34re-branded after being called Grand Prix World the past few years, will be the first hydroplane racing the city has hosted in 40 years. The GPA boats will headline a new three-day riverfront festival called “The 2020 Owensboro HydroFair presented by Jagoe Homes” Aug. 14-16.

“We are excited to bring this event to the Owensboro riverfront. Owensboro has a rich history of hydroplane racing, dating back to the 1960s,” said Tim City of Owensboro Public Events Director Tim Ross said. “It will be thrilling for fans from throughout the region to return to the riverfront to see and hear the incredible action from these state-of-the-art boats.”

The Grand Prix class of hydroplanes last raced in Owensboro in 1979 after officials downsized from the larger powerboat counterpart, unlimited hydroplanes, which raced from 1969 through 1978.

In the 1970s, Owensboro was a mainstay of powerboat racing and drew between 50,000-100,000 spectators annually but rain and temperatures in the 60s, an energy crisis, and recession, made the environment tough for officials to continue.

Several years ago Owensboro completed a $69 million riverfront redevelopment, which quickly achieved international recognition This led to discussions and set the stage for the return of hydroplane racing on the river in 2020.

Dean Rojas, president of the Grand Prix America Hydroplane Racing Series, said the organization is “thrilled” to help return powerboat racing in such a unique town.

“Owensboro hosts more than 20 annual festivals including the world-famous International Bar-B-Q Festival, River of Music Party bluegrass festival, Big O Music Fest, just to name a few, and we at Grand Prix America hydroplanes intend to make hydroplane racing a must-see marquee summer festival for Owensboro for years to come,” Rojas said. “We have a lot of hydroplane fans in the Central United States and Tri-State area. Owensboro provides a great opportunity for fans to see us up-close and personal on this new 1.2-mile Ohio River race course.”

Owensboro, a cotu of just over 57,000, has a rich history in the sport. Former Miss Madison driver Jim McCormick, as well as hydro-driving Sterett family, hail from the city.