SEATTLE — J. Michael Kelly and Jimmy Shane drove to easy H1 Unlimited hydroplanes wins Saturday in the first round of preliminary heats for this weekend’s 2019 HomeStreet Bank Cup on Lake Washington.

In Heat 1A, Kelly and the U-12 Graham Trucking went deck-to-deck at the start of the three-lap race with last year’s winner, Andrew Tate and the U-1 Delta/RealTrac, followed by Jamie Nielsen in the U-11 J&D’s/Reliable Diamond Tool and Bert Henderson in the U-7 Boitano Homes.

On the second lap, Tate hit some rough water in the backstretch and in turn two and was forced to slow with Kelly capitalizing to pull away for the win with Nilsen taking third and Henderson fourth after being assessed a one-minute penalty for going below 80 mph prior to the start.

“This is exactly how we want to start the race weekend off,” said Kelly, adding that “conditions were not ideal but my crew gave me a boat that can go out and run in the rough waters.”

In Heat 1B, Jeff Bernard in the U-1918 Oberto Super Salami/Miss Madison and Corey Peabody in the U-98 Graham Trucking American Dream were each penalized one minute for jumping the start but that still didn’t stop Friday’s top qualifier, Jimmy Shane and the U-6 HomeStreet/Miss Madison, from jumping out front by half of roostertail over Bernard early in the race.

Peabody and Brian Perkins in the U-99.9 CARSTARS/Miss Rock fell behind by several roostertails but after one-minute penalties were assessed to the two jumpers, the order of finish was Shane, Perkins, Bernard and Peabody.

“I knew a couple boats were going to be close on jumping the gun, but I maintained my timing marks and plan,” Shane said. “It worked out great. I didn’t hear until the second lap that the two boats had jumped but by that point we had complete control of the race course.”

Kelly, who won last weekend’s HAPO Columbia Cup after Shane had taken the first two races of the season at Guntersville Lake in Alabama and the APBA Gold Cup in Madison, Indiana, is optimistic about Sunday’s racing.

“I’m pleased with the performance of my race boat and I am excited for Sunday’s racing.” Kelly said.

“Course conditions were definitely not ideal but the race boat flew over the top of the water and we are in great shape going into Seafair Sunday,” Shane said.