Madison Parks Department

Local Leagues

Tuesday's Games

at Rucker Sports Complex

Girls Major League Softball

Lytle Funeral Chapel Hot Tamales (6-2-1) 4, Carroll County Dixie Chixx (7-2) 2: Kennedy Stidham was the winning pitcher and Sophie Louden score two runs for the Tamales.


Boys Rookie League Baseball

Bears Furniture Gallery Dodgers (5-1-1) 15, Mason & Mefford Inc. Cardinals (6-1) 9: Jacob Hertz, Bodie Harsin and Jayce Sharp scored three runs each for the Dodgers.


Boys Major League Baseball

McCubbin Motors Reds (2-6) 17, American Legion Post 9 Phillies (1-7) 2: Zane Love and Jacob Smith scored 3 runs each for the Reds.

Boonie's Water Conditioning Cubs (6-2) 8, The Madison Courier Braves (7-1) 3: Zach Copeland and Foster Mefford scored two runs each for the Cubs; Everett Stewart scored two runs for the Braves.


Boys Upper League Baseball

Dicky's Doghouse Yankees (2-1-1) 6, Gallatin County Dodgers (1-3) 2.


Madison Womens

Softball League

at Kiwanis Park

Moose Lodge (5-3) 7, American Legion Post 9 (2-6) 0.


Madison Church

Softball Association

at Rucker Sports Complex

Prince of Peace (5-1) 27, Lancaster Baptist (0-4) 0.


Note: All other scheduled games suspended due to lightning and rain both at Rucker Sports Complex and Kiwanis Park.