Madison Parks Department

Thursday's Games

Little League Volleyball

at Brown Gym

Pettit Group Inc. Hurricane def. Andersons' Sales & Service Rebels 25-22, 25-16.

Jendy's Pizzeria Purple Passers de. Pettit Group Inc. Hurricane 17-25, 25-22, 15-12.

Mike's Grill Wildcats def. The Red Hots 25-18, 25-22.

The Red Hots def. The Lucky Leprechauns 25-12, 19-25, 16-14.

The Spike Girls def. Servpro Serve Pros 28-26, 25-17.

Jendy's Pizzeria Purple Passers def. Love at First Spike 25-2, 25-22.

MIke's Grill Wildcats def. The Spike Girls 25-22, 25-18.


1. Jendy's Purple Passers 6-1

2. Mike's Grill Wildcats 4-2

2. Pettit Group Inc. Hurricane 4-2

4. The Red Hots 4-3

5. Andersons' Rebels 3-2

6. Love at First Spike 2-4

6. The Spike Girls 2-4

8. Servpro Serve Pros 1-4

9. The Lucky Leprechauns 1-5

10. The Shining Shamrocks 0-0


Madison Women's Fall Softball

at Kiwanis Park

American Legion Post 9 11, Curl Up & Dye/Tiffany's Lounge DD Lites 10.

Live Big! 25, Onspot of North America 19.


1. Live Big! 6-1

2. Onspot of North America 5-2

3. Harry's Heavy Hitters 4-2

4. Curl Up/Tiffany's Lounge 4-3

5. American Legion Post 9 3-4

6. Jennings Healthcare/Supershine 1-5

7. Ruth Haven/State Farm 0-6


Madison Men's Fall Softball

at John Paul Park

Thursday's Games

Church Leaguers 13, Calvert Steel 12.

Madison Precision Products 22, Church Leaguers 12.

Blue Bombers 29, Madison Precision Products 8.

Monday's Games

Calvert Steel 20, IKEC 17

Clifty Warehouse 29, Calvert Steel 15

Clifty Warehouse 27, Church Leaguers 14


1. Clifty Warehouse 10-0

2. TAG Studios 6-3

3. Blue Bombers 5-3

3. Church Leaguers 5-4

5. Calvert Steel 4-8

6. IKEC 2-8

6. Madison Precision Products 2-8


Madison Tackle Football League

Saturday's Games

at North Harrison

Madison Junior Black 22, North Harrison 12: Kaden Oliver ran for a TD and threw a TD pass to Foster Mefford and Austin Kramer returned an interception for a TD for Madison (8-0).

Madison Junior Red 19, North Harrison 13: Trenton Barnes scored three TDS, Colin Yancey scored an extra point and Dylan Dirksen had a key fumble recovery for Madison (4-3).

Madison Senior White 20, North Harrison Blue 14: Cooper Yancey, Mason Welsh and Hunter Mefford scored a TD each for Madison (4-4).

Madison Senior Black 27 , North Harrison White 6: Luke Schafer scored two TDs and Gage Sproles and Bralyn Allen scored a TD run each for Madison (7-1).


Little League Tackle Football

Madison/Jennings County


Sunday's First Round Game

at Madison

Madison Senior White 24, Madison Senior Red 8: Cooper Yancey had a 90-yard punt return for a TD and a one-yard TD run, Mason Welsh had a 5-yard TD run, Joshua McWhorter added 3 two-point conversion kicks and Bryce Foy had an interception for Madison White (5-4); Clayton Hamby scored on a 65-yard TD run and Trey Shelton had a fumble recovery for Madison Red (4-5).


Madison Adult Flag Football League

Saturday's Games

Mad Men 43, The Outlaws 20: Mike Kimmel scored four TDs and Davids Schmidt had a TD catch and four extra points for the Mad Men; David Murray scored two TDs for the Outlaws.

Flaggots 53, The Lightning 52 (2OT): Logan Jones and Bryant Earl scored two TDs each and Luke Jones had a TD catch and scored the game-winning extra point for the Flaggots; Cody Andrew scored four TDs and Justin Downey scored three TDs for the Lightning.

The Knowbodys 46, Mad Men 13: Emmanuel Brooks scored three TDs for the Knowbodys.


1. The Knowbodys 5-0

2. Mad Men 3-2

3. The Lightning 2-3

4. The Outlaws 1-3

5. The Flaggots 1-4




Tournament Week

Sunday, Oct. 7 Games

U-15 - The Divine (Johnson) 4, Sandusky Construction Tigers (Bush) 1: No player information submitted for the Divine; Connor Thurnall scored lone goal for Tigers.

Monday, Oct. 8 Games

U-10 - The Purple Dragons (Schutte) 6, Team True 3: No player information submitted.

U-10 - The Green Machines 3, The Cherry Coke (Orill) 1: No player information submitted.

U-12 - Team Sachleben 7, Team Chabukashvili 2: Will Heitz scored five goals while Calista Spears and Sam Hall scored a goal each for Team Sachleben; Kaylee Schneider scored two goals for Team Chabukashvili.

Wednesday's Games

U-10 - The Purple Dragons (Schutte) 5, Team Cornelius 2: Jordan Bilz scored four goals, and Jack Kelsey scored one goal for the Purple Dragons; Lanie Stockdale and Trapper Johnson scored a goal each for Team Cornelius.

U-12 - The Copperheads (Kelsey) 7, Team Frye 1: Carson Denton recorded a hat trick and Tristan Storie, Isaac Smith, Emily Kerman and Grant Smith scored a goal each for The Copperheads; Haley Sage scored the lone goal for Team Frye.

U-15 - Sandusky Construction Tigers (Bush) 3, Team DeLamerens 2: Connor Thurnall scored two goals and Will Bruns scored one goal for the Tigers; Christopher Grote and Trace Strouse scored a goal each for Team DeLamerens.