Madison senior Noah Caswell. (Courier file photo by David Campbell)
Madison senior Noah Caswell. (Courier file photo by David Campbell)
Noah Caswell spent the past several seasons terrorizing quarterbacks and running down ballcarriers, but when you play for a football program that hasn’t had much success, getting noticed by college coaches can be difficult.
But the Madison Consolidated High School senior was finally able to break through and get the publicity that he richly deserved. Last week was awarded for a strong high school career by signing to play at the University of Indianapolis in a ceremony attended by nearly 100 teammates, classmates and family members.
“It’s really exciting. I’m a little nervous though,” said Caswell, breaking into a smile.
Like most Madison players, Caswell played on both sides of the ball for most of his career, but it was at defensive end where he excelled, earning all-Hoosier Hills Conference honors. Often facing double teams, Caswell was rarely out of position and his combination of size, strength and speed made him the focal point of the Cub defense.
But despite that excellence, colleges weren’t knocking down his door and even Indianapolis took some time to convince.
“(Indianapolis) was pitched to me at the beginning of the fall and that stuck with me. I was trying to get their attention by emailing them,” said Caswell, who plans to major in electrical engineering. “Eventually they called me and asked me to visit and I went to visit it just felt really good with the coaches and the relationships. And then they called me that night and offered me a roster spot.”
Madison football coach Leroy Wilson only got to coach Caswell one season but he quickly realized he had somebody special.
“I remember the first time I saw him this summer and I said, ‘He gets to play for us?’” Wilson said with a laugh. “When you watch him on film, he’s all over the place, making plays. He led our team in tackles with over 70 and missed two games. That’s an unbelievable feat. He led our defense for sure.”
The UIndy program Caswell joins is one of the best in the region. Indianapolis had a terrific 2019 season, going 9-2 overall and finishing second in the Great Lakes Valley Conference at 7-1. The Greyhounds reached the NCAA Division II Tournament where they lost 37-27 to No. 15 Central Missouri in the first round.
As a freshman, Caswell will likely spend the season refining his skills at defensive end, where he will specialize.
“Their linebackers are 200, 195 and they drop into coverage a lot. They said because of how big and fast I am they could use me on the line,” Caswell said.
Wilson believes Caswell’s best days are ahead of him.
“Nothing against the other kids he played with, but once you get to that level and you have other players like you, it makes you better. That’s the expectation,” Wilson said. “I’m excited to see what he does as a pass-rusher and defensive end. I think that’s a great fit for him. He’s great with his hands, he’s very athletic, very fast for his size and he’s only going to get bigger. He lives in the weight room. They’re getting an absolute baller for sure.”
Looking back at his time in Madison, Caswell has plenty of reasons to be nostalgic. But it will be his teammates that he will miss the most.
“I love all of the people I played with. They gave me a lot of memories to look back on,” Caswell said. “I’ve played with the seniors since I was in junior high so I really built a relationship with them. And the coaches have been great. They’ve been supportive, not just in football but in life as well.”
“You won’t find too many kids that will work harder than Noah Caswell,” Wilson said. “This is definitely a well-deserved honor for him.”