Madison junior Jordan Partee takes off during the long jump and lands (pictured) with a new school record during the IHSAA Sectional on Thursday at Jeffersonville. Partee’s distance of 23 feet, 7.5 inches not only broke the Cub record, but also assured him a spot in the state finals with one of the best jumps in the state this year. (Staff photo by David Campbell)
Madison junior Jordan Partee takes off during the long jump and lands (pictured) with a new school record during the IHSAA Sectional on Thursday at Jeffersonville. Partee’s distance of 23 feet, 7.5 inches not only broke the Cub record, but also assured him a spot in the state finals with one of the best jumps in the state this year. (Staff photo by David Campbell)
JEFFERSONVILLE - Madison was unable to end Jeffersonville's dynasty, but the Cubs quietly put together one of their best-ever performances in the boys track and field sectional Thursday at Jeff's Blair Field.

Madison picked up wins in four events and broke two school records along the way. The Cubs also had 11 regional qualifiers and 12 personal bests.

Madison's team score of 111 couldn't touch Jeffersonville, which scored 172 points while rolling to its 41st-consecutive sectional crown. But it was the type of performance that left Madison coach Scott Holcroft beaming.

"I couldn't be prouder of my team than what I am tonight. They showed everyone what type of team they are," Holcroft said. "We were seeded to finish fourth and to turn that around and come in second is super. It is just so hard for us to match up with Jeff's depth in each event. I could talk about each kid and tell something great that they did in this meet tonight."

It's also hard to pick out a highlight for Madison, but the performance of junior Jordan Partee in the long jump may have out-shown the rest.

Partee, who finished sixth in the state in the long jump last year, scratched on his first two attempts and played it conservatively on his third attempt just to make the finals.

Once he got into the championship round, Partee let loose. His first attempt cleared 23 feet and brought an audible gasp from the crowd. His second attempt went even further, at 23 feet, 7.5 inches.

The second jump held up for the sectional championship and also set the Madison school record in the event. In addition, it also exceeded the state standard meaning that Partee has already clinched a berth to the state finals.

"Jordan turns almost a disaster into one of the best jumps in the state," Holcroft said. "We don't know what the other sectionals did, but that's the second-best so far in the state. And that's a record that's going to be on that board (at the school) for a long time."

Partee's performance elevated the other competitors around him. Jeffersonville's Chase Scott finished second at 23 feet, 4 inches and Madison's Josh Scott was third at 21 feet, 11.5 inches. All three athletes exceeded the state standard and are headed to the finals.

Madison's other school record came in the first event of the night. Malte Frenzel, Chad Ison, David Gibson and Justin Robertson combined to win the 3200-meter relay in 8:27.84 and break the mark by two-hundredths of a second.

"That was a great way to set the mood for the meet," Holcroft said. "The rest of the team just fed off of their performance."

It wasn't a school record, but Nick Palmer's performance in the pole vault was nearly as impressive as those of his teammates'. Despite running around the track doing other events, Palmer still was able to clear the bar at 13 feet-even to score the win, a new personal best.

"Nick was having a problem pole vaulting due to having other events," Holcroft said. "He was able to focus after he finished his other events and come up with a personal best and the win is great. He will only be doing two events at regionals and that will help him a lot."

Madison's final win of the night came in the most closely-contested event of the meet.

Senior Wayne Sherbahn defended his sectional title in the 100-meter dash by edging a very close field. Sherbahn's time of 11.20 was just three-hundreths ahead of Jeffersonville's Isaiah Blanton. Jeff's Tyrell Dowdell and Switzerland County's Clint Swanson weren't far behind at 11.31 and 11.45, respectively.

"Wayne came up big tonight in defending his 100 title," Holcroft said. "He was able to avenge one of his losses this year. I know he was not real happy with his time but he will be one of the top seeds for regionals."

Other regional qualifiers for Madison were: Scott, second, high jump, 6-0; Trajen Jenkins, second, discus, 130-3; Scott, Sherbahn, Palmer and Partee, second, 400 relay, 44.15; Tate Turner, third, pole vault, 12-0; Sherbahn, fourth, 200 dash 23.28; and Gibson, fourth, 1600 run, 4:49.91.

Switzerland County finished fourth as a team with 60 points and had seven regional qualifiers. The highlight was Braden Burk's win in the 800-meter run with a time of 2:01.87.

"In my 13 years of coaching I have never had a group of young men place this high as a team at sectional. I told them coming in that a top-four performance was our goal and we achieved that," Switzerland coach Sean McGarvey said. "I want to give a special congratulations to Braden Burk ... He has been working very hard to reach this goal all year long. We have several young men that will be joining him next week at the regional and they deserve it after all the hard work they have put in this season."

Other regional qualifiers for Switzerland were: Swanson, third, 200 dash, 23.00; Alex Curran, third, high jump, 5-10 and fourth, shot put, 43-7; Talen Taylor, fourth, 3200 run, 10:44.09; and Ben Curran, fourth, 110 hurdles, 16.98.

Southwestern's Ryan Furnish finished third in the 1600-meter run in 4:49.37 and was the Rebels' lone regional qualifier.

Shawe Memorial's best performance of the night came in the long jump where senior Jarrod Rampy finished fifth at 20 feet, 4 inches. That distance would have won last week's Ohio River Valley Conference championships.

Other finishes for Madison were: Quenton White, fifth, 1600 run, 4:51.30 and eighth, 800 run, 2:14.16; Jordan Partee, fifth, high jump, 5-8; David Gibson, sixth, 3200 run, 11:03.07; Nathan Riley, sixth, shot put, 42-5; Malte Frenzel, Nick Palmer, Partee and Patrick Knight, sixth, 1600 relay, 3:45.43; Nash Grooms, seventh, 200 dash, 25.03 and eighth, 100 dash, 12.18; Knight, seventh, 800 run, 2:12.70; Justin Robertson, eighth, 3200 run, 11:13.57; Hunter Sego, eighth, 110 hurdles, 18.25 and 10th, 300 hurdles, 48.13; Palmer, ninth, 110 hurdles, 18.27; Frenzel, ninth, 400 dash, 57.16; Alex Moore, ninth, discus, 115-4; Nathan Norris, 14th, shot put, 36-3; Chad Ison, 15th, 400 dash, 1:06.73; and Logen Cassidy, 15th, 300 hurdles, 52.28.

Other finishes for Switzerland County were: Ben Curran, Clint Swanson, Chase Richards and Zack Rodgers, fifth, 400 relay, 47.03; Rodgers, sixth, discus, 121-0; Braden Burk, Dakota Taylor, T.J. White and Talen Taylor, fifth, 3200 relay, 8:57.02; Ben Curran, sixth, high jump, 5-6 and ninth, 300 hurdles, 47.88; Burk, Justus Powell, Dakota Taylor and White, seventh, 1600 relay, 3:51.27; White, seventh, 400 dash, 55.35; Bradley Cox, 10th, shot put, 38-4.5; Powell, 11th, 400 dash, 58.71; Dakota Taylor, 13th, 300 hurdles, 49.81; Bralen Harson, 16th, 800 run, 2:31.27; and Avery Poling, 20th, discus, 78-6.

Other finishes for Southwestern were: Travis Higham, sixth, long jump, 20-0.25; Zach Brooks, eighth, high jump, 5-6; Brandon Arney, Brooks, Austin Spray and Higham, eighth, 400 relay, 49.73; Arney, Brooks, Ryan Furnish and Spray, eighth, 1600 relay, 4:00.74; Furnish, Michael Hedges, Kotaro Imai and Jacob Shaffer, eighth, 3200 relay, 10:03.53; Travis Higham, ninth, 100 dash, 12.25; Imai, 10th, 3200 run, 11:25.56; Spray, 11th, 800 run, 2:17.58; Austin Mikesell, 11th, discus, 110-03; Hedges, 12th, 3200 run, 11:48.18; Arney, 12th, long jump, 17-5; Stuart Bramer, 12th, shot put, 37-9; and Jacob Grayson, 13th, shot put, 36-6 and 16th, discus, 99-5.

Other finishes for Shawe were: Jarrod Rampy. seventh, 300 hurdles, 45.69; Connor Boone, Skip Maas, Rampy and Jack Heitz, ninth, 1600 relay, 4:05.99; Boone, Daniel Carrillo, Maas and Torline, ninth, 3200 relay, 10:13.20; Maas, 10th, 400 dash, 57.53; Spencer Torline, 14th, 1600 run, 5:45.65 and 15th, 3200 run, 13:10.95; Andrew Ott, 16th, 1600 run, 5:59.46; Boone, 17th, 800 run, 2:32.49; Andrew Ott, 18th, 800 run, 2:46.47; and Cody Canada, 21st, shot put, 27-11 and 21st, discus, 78-5.

The regional will be held at Bloomington North High School on Thursday.



at Jeffersonville

Thursday, May 17


1. Jeffersonville, 172; 2. Madison, 111; 3. Silver Creek, 107; 4. Switzerland Co., 60; 5. Scottsburg, 53.5; 6. Austin, 38; 7. Charlestown, 21; 8. Henryville, 20.5; 9. New Washington, 19; 10. Southwestern, 13; 11. Shawe, 6; 12. Rock Creek, 3.


(Top 4 Advance)

100 DASH

1. Wayne Sherbahn, Madison, 11.20; 2. Isaiah Blanton, Jeffersonville, 11.23; 3. Tyrell Dowdell, Jeffersonville, 11.31; 4. Clint Swanson, Switzerland Co., 11.45.

200 DASH

1. Tyrell Dowdell, Jeffersonville, 22.66; 2. Isaiah Blanton, Jeffersonville, 22.82; 3. Clint Swanson, Switzerland Co., 23.00; 4. Wayne Sherbahn, Madison, 23.28.

400 DASH

1. Tyrell Dowdell, Jeffersonville, 49.45; 2. David Morales, Jeffersonville, 51.67; 3. Keaton Spitler, Silver Creek, 52.83; 4. Ian Hughes, New Washington, 53.27.

800 RUN

1. Braden Burk, Switzerland Co., 2:01.87; 2. Morgan Davdison, Silver Creek, 2:03.31; 3. Tanner Coots, Silver Creek, 2:06.03; 4. Adam Phillips, Scottsburg, 2:06.31.

1600 RUN

1. Isaak Haas, Silver Creek, 4:31.20; 2. Jacob Hedrick, Henryville, 4:35.26; 3. Ryan Furnish, Southwestern, 4:49.37; 4. David Gibson, Madison, 4:49.91.

3200 RUN

1. Isaak Haas, Silver Creek, 9:53.36; 2. Jacob Hedrick, Henryville, 10:28.76; 3. Anthony Hall, Austin, 10:41.62; 4. Talen Taylor, Switzerland Co., 10:44.09.


1. DeSean Daugharty, Jeffersonville, 16.37; 2. Cody Hendrix, Austin, 16.59; 3. Matt Phillips, Scottsburg, 16.95; 4. Ben Curran, Switzerland Co., 16.98.


1. Marciez Sewell, Silver Creek, 41.63; 2. DeSean Daugharty, Jeffersonville, 42.06; 3. Adan Diaz, New Washington, 42.91; 4. Cody Hendrix, Austin, 43.17.


1. Jeffersonville (Isaiah Blanton, Raeshawn Ragland, DeSean Daugharty, Tyler Kahl), 43.74; 2. Madison (Josh Scott, Wayne Sherbahn, Nick Palmer, Jordan Partee), 44.15; 3. Silver Creek (Steohen Neal, Jeff Grady, Marciez Sewell, Austin Hasting), 46.14; 4. Charlestown (Syd Gieseking, Zachery Green, Josh Hurley, Salih Soodoo), 46.49.

1600 RELAY

1. Jeffersonville (David Morales, DeSean Daugharty, Jordan Vejar, Tyrell Dowdell), 3:30.65; 2. Silver Creek (Tanner Coots, Morgan Davidson, Noah Jones, Keaton Spitler), 3:40.77; 3. Austin (Ben Willoughby, Cody Hendrix, Jake Phillips, Duncan Wooten), 3:43.33; 4. New Washington (Yancey Crase, Adan Diaz, Devin Herron, Iah Hughes), 3:44.20.

3200 RELAY

1. Madison (Malte Frenzel, Chad Ison, David Gibson, Justin Robertson), 8:27.84; 2. Silver Creek (Tanner Coots, Morgan Davidson, Isaak Haas, Andrew Westfall), 8:31.46; 3. Scottsburg (Chris Davis, Adam Phillips, Collin Zollman, Tristan Gentile), 8:36.68; 4. Jeffersonville (Dominic Adorno, Isaiah Salazar, Oscar DeLeon, Eric Harris), 8:39.09.


1. Dalton Adkins, Jeffersonville, 6-2; 2. Josh Scott, Madison, 6-0; 3. Alex Curran, Switzerland Co., 5-10; 4. Eli Daniel, Charlestown, 5-10.


1. Nick Palmer, Madison, 13-0; 2. Dustin Marschall, Scottsburg, 12-6; 3. Tate Turner, Madison, 12-0; 4. Michael Harris, Austin, 11-0.


1. Jordan Partee, Madison, 23-7.5; 2. Chase Scott, Jeffersonville, 23-4; 3. Josh Scott, Madison, 21-11.5; 4. Tyler Kahl, Jeffersonville, 21-2.


1. Tymon Brown, Jeffersonville, 46-1; 2. Schuyler Hosp, Silver Creek, 44-5; 3. Nash Rivers, Jeffersonville, 43-9; 4. Alex Curran, Switzerland Co., 43-7.


1. Nash Rivers, Jeffersonville, 145-0; 2. Trajen Jenkins, Madison, 130-3; 3. Nathan Nolley, Silver Creek, 129-9; 4. Dillon Pruett, Scottsburg, 126-10.