LEAD PACK: A pack of Silver Creek and Madison runners — as well as a runner each from Jennings and Switzerland counties — race alongside SR 62/56 (above) during the cross country sectional at Hanover College on Tuesday. Silver Creek won its second-straight title in both boys and girls but Madison’s Landon Perry (below) raced to the individual win in the boys race. (Staff photos by David Campbell)
LEAD PACK: A pack of Silver Creek and Madison runners — as well as a runner each from Jennings and Switzerland counties — race alongside SR 62/56 (above) during the cross country sectional at Hanover College on Tuesday. Silver Creek won its second-straight title in both boys and girls but Madison’s Landon Perry (below) raced to the individual win in the boys race. (Staff photos by David Campbell)
Landon Perry had watched Silver Creek's Isaak Haas win nearly every race the pair has competed in this year. So when Perry had a chance to pull away from him on Tuesday, he seized the opportunity.

The Madison junior passed Haas at the 4,000-meter mark and then pulled away over the final 1,000 meters to win the IHSAA Boys Cross Country Sectional at Hanover College on Tuesday.

Despite losing to Haas each time previouosly, Perry won Tuesday's race by more than five seconds with a winning time of 16:53.79.

"Every time we've raced he's beat me by like 30 or 40 seconds," Perry said. "I came in today with not a very good mentality thinking I just got to beat the Silver Creek kid and if Jonah (Woods), the Jennings County kid, beats me, then I'll be satisfied. But I stayed right with him."

Perry's individual win proved to be the highlight of the meet for local runners. Madison's boys and girls teams both finished second to strong squads from Silver Creek while Southwestern's girls finished third and Switzerland County's boys placed fourth to earn regional berths. Switzerland County girls Robin Furnish and Paige Ridener also earned trips to the regional as individuals. The wins were the second straight for the Dragons.

Perry stayed on Haas' hip right from the start of the race. Through 3,000 meters, Perry could have reached out and put his hand on his opponent's shoulder.

According to Perry, Haas was not used to having a competitor stay so close to him and when he faltered, Perry jumped at the chance.

"He tends to run away from guys but I stayed right with him and at 4,000 meters I just pulled away," Perry said. "Normally there is nobody near him unless we're at big meets. He runs a race where he tries to run away from everybody at the beginning and then slows down and coasts to the finish."

Perry's win took a point away from Silver Creek's team score but it wasn't enough to deny the Dragons the sectional crown. Silver Creek runners took four of the top seven positions and totaled 33 points, just 14 ahead of Madison.

Despite finishing second, Madison coach Josh Thomas was thrilled with his team's performance.

"We had our first sectional champion in a while, about half the guys had their personal bests on this course and couple of them had personal bests period," Thomas said. "I'm fairly pleased with second place. Our goal was to beat Silver Creek. We knew they were coming and they sure showed up tonight."

While Perry took the individual crown, Madison still placed all five of its scorers in the top 17, and four in the top 11. Quenton White was eighth in 17:45.02, Justin Robertson was 10th in 18:00.05, David Gibson was 11th in 18:03.60 and Alex Nunan was 17th in 18:41.53. In non-scoring runs, Josh Howell was 27th in 19:40.84 and Kevin Stewart was 28th in 19:48.55.

Braden Burk finished fifth and Talen Taylor was ninth to lead Switzerland County which finished fourth with 125 points to earn a trip to the regional. Burk came in at 17:21.66 while Taylor's time was 17:46.60.

Other finishes for the Pacers were: Sean Oatman, 23rd, 19:18.73; Mikhail Cole, 44th, 20:31.14; Matt Yocum, 46th, 20:38.25; Michael Scott, 47th, 20:51.58; and Dakota Taylor, 49th, 21:13.24.

Southwestern finished seventh with 156 points, just 13 points shy of a regional berth. Times for the Rebels were: Ryan Furnish, 26th, 19:38.39; Josiah Lawson, 31st, 20:04.33; Kotaro Imai, 33rd, 20:06.44; Travis Higham, 35th, 20:08.90; Brad Sims, 41st, 20:18.67; and Nate McKay, 58th, 22:13.11.

Shawe scored 293 points and finished 11th. Times for the Hilltoppers were: Skip Maas, 53rd, 21:48.49; David Strange, 57th, 21:59.65; Conner Applegate, 59th, 22:14.31; Daniel Carillo, 65th, 23:25.82; Colin Hambrick, 66th, 23:34.93; and Chris Peterson, 67th, 23:46.50.

Madison's girls were also expected to challenge for a sectional crown but the Lady Cubs' chances took a serious blow when top runner Gabby Nay took ill and collapsed on the course. The junior was able to recover and finish the race, coming in 35th in 24:41.19, but she went to the hospital after the race.

Even if Nay had challenged for the top position it was unlikely that Madison would have knocked off Silver Creek, which had three of the top four runners and scored 28 points to Madison's 66.

Kayla Cieslinski led Madison with a 10th-place finish in 22:06.95 and was followed by Ashlee Allen, who was 12th in 22:14.78 and Paige Hess, who was 13th in 22:15.24. The rest of the Cubs' times were: Hannah Brady, 18th, 23:21.26; Hannah Miller, 26th, 23:43.24; and Brittany Jaynes, 30th, 24:03.25.

Madison coach Mark Seib was pleased that his runners were able to keep their composure despite the loss of their top runner.

"The girls stepped up and they had a great day. They all ran faster than they did in the Courier a couple of weeks ago," Seib said. "They were passing (Nay) and she was passing out on the course and the girls were like 'should we stop and help her?' They knew to keep going and Gabby was able to get up and at least finish. It showed their toughness because they saw that and they were worried about her and they wanted to be good teammates. But we still had four girls in the top 20 and that says a lot about them."

Southwestern finished third with 92 points and will compete in the regional on Saturday. Cass Lawson placed sixth in 21:43.16 to lead the Rebels and was the top finisher among local runners.

Other times for Southwestern were: Jayla Watson, 21st, 23:29.86; Rebekah Anderson, 31st, 24:13.45; Heather Totten, 34th, 24:29.81; Emily Watkins, 46th, 26:48.85; and Austin Courtney, 48th, 27:28.74.

Furnish placed ninth in 21:59.26 and Ridener was 11th in 22:13.51 to lead Switzerland County, which finished sixth in with 154 points. Jaclyn Hart was 49th in 28:23.76, Adeli Kinne was 49th in 28:23.76 and Liz Nibarger was 60th in 37:51.44 to round out the Pacers' scoring.

Shawe senior Liz Grote finished 16th in 22:45.65 and missed a berth in the regional by one position. As a team, the Hilltoppers placed seventh with 159 points.

The rest of Shawe's times were: Laura Hesse, 32nd, 24:17.67; Sarelia Rios Garcia, 37th, 25:04.80; Hannah Storm, 47th, 27:18.03; Maddie Waller, 53rd, 30:53.56; and Mary Strange, 53rd, 30:53.56.

Henryville junior Sadie Spears won the race in 20:22.79, nearly 19 seconds ahead of runner-up Maggie Shields of Silver Creek.

The regional will be held at Brown County on Saturday.

IHSAA Cross Country Sectional

at Hanover College



(Top 5 advance)

1. Silver Creek, 33; 2. Madison, 47; 3. Jennings Co., 104; 4. Switzerland Co., 125; 5. Henryville, 143; 6. Austin, 145; 7. Southwestern, 156; 8. New Washington, 196; 9. Scottsburg, 255; 10. Rock Creek, 284; 11. Shawe, 293.


(Top 15 Advance)

1. Landon Perry, Madison, 16:53.79

2. Isaak Haas, Silver Creek, 16:58.49

3. Jonah Woods, Jennings Co., 17:08.76

4. Jason Fruits, Silver Creek, 17:16.07

5. Braden Burk, Switzerland Co., 17:21.66

6. Drew Roberts, Silver Creek, 17:32.81

7. Evan Strom, Silver Creek, 17:36.98

8. Quenton White, Madison, 17:45.02

9. Talen Taylor, Switzerland Co., 17:46.60

10. Justin Robertson, Madison, 18:00.05

11. David Gibson, Madison, 18:03.60

12. Ricky Hendrix, Jennings Co., 18:06.57

13. Jacob Hedrick, Henryville, 18:11.80

14. Morgan Davidson, Silver Creek, 18:25.48

15. Adan Diaz, New Washington, 18:28.43

16. Christian Smith, Henryville, 18:39.03

17. Alex Nunan, Madison, 18:41.53

18. Duncan Wooten, Austin, 18:47.98

19. Tanner Coots, Silver Creek, 18:55.42

20. Taygon Johnson, Austin, 19:00.49

21. Andrew Westfall, Silver Creek, 19:06.17

22. Dustin Follmer, Jennings Co., 19:13.01

23. Sean Oatman, Switzerland Co., 19:18.73

24. Anthony Hall, Austin, 19:22.77

25. Nathaniel Staples, Jennings Co., 19:27.67

26. Ryan Furnish, Southwestern, 19:38.39

27. Josh Howell, Madison, 19:40.84

28. Kevin Stewart, Madison, 19:48.55

29. Ian Hughes, New Washington, 19:49.43

30. Zach Knox, Henryville, 19:50.97

31. Josiah Lawson, Southwestern, 20:04.33

32. Tristan Embs, Southwestern, 20:04.91

33. Kotaro Imai, Southwestern, 20:06.44

34. Tyler Peterson, Charlestown, 20:07.75

35. Travis Higham, Southwestern, 20:08.90

36. Koleton Freitas, Henryville, 20:10.24

37. Cody Hendrix, Austin, 20:11.80

38. Devin Herron, New Washington, 20:13.03

39. Jake Cundiff, Rock Creek, 20:14.44

40. Isaac McGuire, Rock Creek, 20:15.95

41. Brad Sims, Southwestern, 20:18.67

42. Kaleb Mount, Scottsburg, 20:19.44

43. Chase McNicholas, Jennings Co., 20:25.25

44. Mikhail Cole, Switzerland Co., 20:31.14

45. Chris Davis, Scottsburg, 20:31.94

46. Matt Yocum, Switzerland Co., 20:38.25

47. Michael Scott, Switzerland Co., 20:51.58

48. Kolyn Paswater, Austin, 20:54.78

49. Dakota Taylor, Switzerland Co., 21:13.24

50. Tyler Jenkins, Henryville, 21:27.36

51. Christian Liston, Jennings Co., 21:45.84

52. Jacky Koenig, Jennings Co., 21:47.71

53. Skip Maas, Shawe, 21:48.49

54. Lucas Brown, Scottsburg, 21:49.77

55. Matthew Mosley, New Washington, 21:51.29

56. Dyllan Webb, Scottsburg, 21:56.46

57. David Strange, Shawe, 21:59.65

58. Nate McKay, Southwestern, 22:13.11

59. Conner Applegate, Shawe, 22:14.31

60. Chris Flaherty, Henryville, 22:26.68

61. Brett Brooks, Charlestown, 22:28.24

62. Dustin Jenkins, Henryville, 22:35.52

63. Cameron Marshall, New Washington, 23:17.33

64. Tyler Coomer, Scottsburg, 23:18.16

65. Daniel Carillo, Shawe, 23:25.82

66. Collan Hambrick, Shawe, 23:34.93

67. Chris Peterson, Shawe, 23:46.50

68. Matt Shelton, Scottsburg, 24:12.75

69. Zachary Hoard, Scottsburg, 24:19.88

70. Gabe Pearson, Rock Creek, 27:00.70

71. Ethan Roberts, Rock Creek, 27:12.62

72. Isaiah Pearson, Rock Creek, 27:17.32



(Top 5 Advance)

1. Silver Creek, 28; 2. Madison, 66; 3. Southwestern, 92; 4. Jennings Co., 101; 5. Scottsburg, 105; 6. Switzerland Co., 154; 7. Shawe, 159; 8. New Washington, 201.


(Top 15 Advance)

1. Sadie Spears, Henryville, 20:22.79

2. Maggie Shields, Silver Creek, 20:41.28

3. Brittany Sharp, Silver Creek, 20:47.23

4. Mackenzie Crouch, Silver Creek, 21:29.73

5. Olivia Heaton, Jennings Co., 21:38.34

6. Cass Lawson, Southwestern, 21:43.16

7. Whitney Andrews, Charlestown, 21:45.67

8. Jessica Backherms, Silver Creek, 21:48.60

9. Robin Furnish, Switzerland Co., 21:59.26

10. Kayla Cieslinski, Madison, 22:06.95

11. Paige Ridener, Switzerland Co., 22:13.51

12. Ashlee Allen, Madison, 22:14.78

13. Paige Hess, Madison, 22:15.24

14. Megan O'Lone, Henryville, 22:16.25

15. Savannah Reuda, Southwestern, 22:32.30

16. Liz Grote, Shawe, 22:45.65

17. Ashley Padgett, Scottsburg, 23:07.74

18. Hannah Brady, Madison, 23:21.26

19. Miranda Coats, Silver Creek, 23:26.48

20. Leslie Watkins, Jennings Co., 23:27.44

21. Jayla Watson, Southwestern, 23:29.86

22. Hayley Love, Scottsburg, 23:34.45

23. Kacy Brenneman, Scottsburg, 23:38.88

24. Alysha Flaget, Charlestown, 23:39.98

25. Kirsten Biggs, Jennings Co., 23:42.20

26. Hannah Miller, Madison, 23:43.24

27. Stephanie Valencia, Scottsburg, 23:47.48

28. Paris Brock, Silver Creek, 23:51.84

29. Lauren Klosterman, Jennings Co., 23:59.30

30. Brittany Jaynes, Madison, 24:03.25

31. Rebekah Anderson, Southwestern, 24:13.45

32. Laura Hesse, Shawe, 24:17.67

33. Allie Jourden, Scottsburg, 24:24.46

34. Heather Totten, Southwestern, 24:29.81

35. Gabby Nay, Madison, 24:41.19

36. Jacklyn Helton, Silver Creek, 24:46.79

37. Sarelia Rios Garcia, Shawe, 25:04.80

38. Mary Hoff, Charlestown, 25:05.83

39. Jessie Bryant, Jennings Co., 25:19.96

40. Chessler Biggs, Jennings Co., 25:41.94

41. Lauren Crowe, Charlestown, 26:01.34

42. Kayla Sexton, New Washington, 26:14.03

43. Kelsey Rhoten, New Washington, 26:27.78

44. Christi Scholl, Rock Creek, 26:29.05

45. Emilee Holloway, New Washington, 26:34.98

46. Emily Watkins, Southwestern, 26:48.85

47. Hannah Storm, Shawe Memorial, 27:18.03

48. Austin Courtney, Southwestern, 27:28.74

49. Jaclyn Hart, Switzerland Co., 28:23.76

50. Madison Cox, Henryville, 28:24.92

51. Tori Wiggam, New Washington, 29:52.51

52. Emilee Greathouse, Jennings Co., 30:38.82

53. Maddie Waller, Shawe, 30:53.56

54. Adeli Kinne, Switzerland Co., 31:36.54

55. Maggie White, Austin, 31:46.41

56. Grace Spiegelhalder, New Washington, 34:00.90

57. Courtney Roberts, New Washington, 34:43.01

58. Samantha Richardson, Austin, 36:16.85

59. Mary Strange, Shawe, 37:21.90

60. Liz Nibarger, Switzerland Co., 37:51.44

61. Julie McIntosh, Austin, 38:40.63

62. Molly Richardson, Austin, 39:42.91