Share Athletic Director Steve Sims
Share Athletic Director Steve Sims
After seven years on the job, Steve Sims has announced that this year will be his last as athletic director at Shawe Memorial Junior and Senior High School.

Sims told his coaches and the school about his plans last week and although he said that it was a tough decision, it is time for the change.

“The job is a demanding and time-consuming job and with two young children and a wife that works night shift and me being gone all night, it was just time for me to step down and try to spend a little bit more time with my family and focus more on that,” Sims said Thursday. “This decision is about spending time with my family more than anything. I love this school and I plan on still spending time at this school. But it was time to move on.”

Sims, a Shawe graduate, never thought he’d end up in the position of AD in the first place. A broadcaster at WORX Radio as well as a tennis and basketball coach at Shawe, Sims was approached by Prince of Peace Schools President Phil Kahn about replacing the departed Travis Calvert in the position seven years ago.

Until that time, Sims hadn’t really thought about moving into athletics or teaching. But a chance to serve his school was too good to pass up.

“I always tell people that when I became the AD at Shawe, I didn’t become an AD to become an AD. I became an AD to be the AD at Shawe,” Sims said. “I went to school to be in broadcasting and communications and I did not think that I would ever be a teacher or an AD. But, may alma mater came calling and I went to help them out.”

Over Sims’ tenure, the Hilltoppers won five sectional championships. The girls tennis team won three crowns — the first two coached by Sims — while girls golf and soccer picked up a title each.

The girls golf sectional championship in 2016 will go down as one of Sims’ best memories at the school.

“Our coach was unavailable for the regional practices so I got to go with the team, drive the bus and act like the golf coach for two days before he was able to get back for the actual regional tournament,” Sims said. “Just getting a chance to spend time around that great group of girls was a treat.”

The next chapter of Sims’ professional life is yet to be written and while he didn’t want to officially commit to what he will be do next, he noted that he will never be too far away from the school he loves.

“The relationships and the people that I met here will be what I will miss the most,” Sims said. “The athletes, parents and administrators have just meant the world to me and I loved working with them.”