Jean Theoret is in stable but guarded condition after flipping in the U-37 Miss Bello's Pizza during Heat 1B of the Indiana Governor's Cup Saturday.

Theoret, of Maple Grove, Quebec, was leading J. Michael Kelly and the U-7 Graham Trucking by one roostertail as he entered turn one of the final lap. The Bello's hit a roller in the notorious turn and took flight, reversing course in the air before nosing into the water.

Rescue crews reached the boat and pulled the unconscience Theoret from the cockpit within minutes. Safety and Rescue team members performed CPR on Theoret until he was placed in an ambulance and transported to King's Daughter's Hospital where he was initially treated. After his condition was evaluated, he was transported by ambulance to University of Louisville Hospital for further observation.

"He ingested water into his lungs but he does not appear to have any external injuries," said Bruce Madej, the director of media relations for the American Boat Racing Association. "He was intubated, but he was responding on his own."

Kelly was just on the outside of Theoret, but he didn't get a good look at the accident.

"I came through the turn and just saw a big wall of water and I thought it was his roostertail," said Kelly. "I never saw any yellow or anything."

The accident was the third in four years that Theoret has suffered at the ABRA's season opener. He also flipped at Evansville during both the 2006 and 2007 seasons.

The heat was ruled official with Kelly being awarded the win. Brian Perkins and the U-48 Miss Albert Lee was second with rookie Mike Webster and the U-22 Serv Pro of Madison placing third.

A steady rain blanketed the "Wild" Bill Cantrell Memorial Race Course throughout all three heats and several boats had trouble with the conditions. More than once, boats lifted out of the water only to come back down at the last second.

"It wasn't terrible. I mean, it was obviously raceable," Kelly said. "There were little gusts of wind in certain parts of the course and there are some rollers. One time, I got late going into that turn but I was able to bring it down. The next lap is when Theoret went over."

Kelly's teammate Jeff Bernard claimed victory in Heat 1A, besting Jimmy King and the U-3 Miss Chrysler-Jeep and Greg Hopp and the U-100 Miss Shoreline Propellers.

Dave Villwock took the win in Heat 1C in relative ease, especially after Steve David was penalized one lap for hitting a buoy in the U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison. David finished third with Kip Brown taking second in the U-17 Miss Activ Water.

Villwock also finished as the fastest qualifier, posting a lap of 156.296 in the final qualifying session of the morning. David was second at 154.657.

The heat draw and lane assignments for Sunday's Heat 2 was finalized late Saturday afternoon. Heat 2C will feature an exact repeat of Heat 1C with Villwock, David and Brown drawn against each other. David had the first pick of lane choice and selected Lane Two.

There will be a final round of testing Sunday morning beginning at 10:30 a.m. Heat 2A is scheduled for a 1 p.m. EDT start.


2009 Madison Regatta

Results and Schedule

(no speeds available)


1. Jeff Bernard, U-5; 2. Jimmy King, U-3 Miss Chrysler-Jeep; 3. Greg Hopp, U-100 Miss Shoreline Propellers; Ken Muscatel, U-25 Superior Racing, DNS.


1. J. Michael Kelly, U-7 Graham Trucking; 2. Brian Perkins, U-48 Miss Albert Lee; 3. Mike Webster, U-22 Serv Pro of Madison; Jean Theoret, U-37 Miss Bello's Pizza, DSQ.


1. Dave Villwock, U-16 Miss Elam Plus; 2. Kip Brown, U-17 Miss Activ Water; 3. Steve David, U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto.


Lane 1 - Jimmy King, U-3 Miss Chrsyler-Jeep

Lane 2 - Jeff Bernard, U-5

Lane 3 - J. Michael Kelly, U-7 Graham Trucking

Lane 4 - Brian Perkins, U-48 Miss Albert Lee


Lane 1 - Greg Hopp, U-100 Miss Shoreline Propellers

Lane 2 - Ken Muscatel, U-25 Superior Racing

Lane 3 - Mike Webster, U-22 Pro Serv of Madison


Lane 2 - Steve David, U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto

Lane 3 - Dave Villwock, U-16 Miss Elam Plus

Lane 4 - Kip Brown, U-17 Miss Activ Water