Kristopher Sandlin
Kristopher Sandlin
After a scorcher in 2012 and a sloggfest last year, it looks like Mother Nature may finally get one right for Saturday's 36th Annual Madison Courier Firecracker 10K.

Runners and walkers were tested by 91-degree weather and a 115-degree heat index at the 34th annual 10K in 2012 and by 70-degree weather and a drizzling rain at the 35th annual race last year.

According to forecasts for Saturday, the weather at the 8 a.m. race/walk start time should be sunny with temperatures around 60 degrees and 76 percent humidity for cool and dry race conditions.

For Madison in July, that's about as good as it gets.

Last year's overall winner was 21-year-old Kristopher Sandlin, of Scottsburg, with a time of 31:44 on the 6.2-mile course. The top female was 16-year-old Sarah Billingsley, of Batesville, in 38:12. Sandlin was a senior to be with Franklin College's men's cross country and track and field teams while Billingsley was entering her senior year at Oldenburg Academy, where she ran both cross country and track and field.

The course record, set in 1990 by then 21-year-old Ball State University runner Cecil Franke, is 29:44. Franke went on to win the event three times.

With two days remaining until race day, 159 runners and 78 walkers have preregistered for Saturday's event but with an ideal weather forecast, organizers are expecting a big turnout of race-day entries. Last year's wet conditions still attracted 296 runners and more than 100 walkers while the scorching conditions in 2012 drew 244 runners and 133 walkers.

"With the nice weather forecast we might have a lot of same-day entries," said Madison Courier Publisher Jane Jacobs, sponsor and organizer of the event. "With that in mind we encourage participants to arrive early for check-in and especially those people who are registering that day."

Check-in begins at 6:30 a.m. at Madison Consolidated High School and all runners and walkers - both those preregistered and those registering on race day - are asked to do so by 7:45 a.m. The race and walk both begin at 8 a.m. when 2014 honorary starter Catherine "Cat" Graham fires the starter's pistol to begin the competition.

Graham, a 2003 graduate of Southwestern High School, was the starting point guard on the Lady Rebels' 2002 Class 2A state championship basketball team and state runner-up team in 2003. She played four years at Illinois State and then focused her athletic energy on running.

Graham, 29, has run in numerous Courier 10Ks and other road races throughout the region as well as 11 marathons - four Boston Marathons - and two Ironman Triathlons. She currently is a member of the Women's USA Team Handball team and training with that program for the 2015 Pan American Games and 2016 Olympics.

"We're really pleased Cat Graham accepted our invitation to be the starter," Jacobs said. "Many people know her from her high school career as a ball player but she has been active in many sports and has excelled in taking on the new challenges of other sports and continues to compete at a high level."

The cost to register for the Courier 10K is now $15 for walkers and $25 for runners and includes a commemorative T-shirt designed by local artist Russ Bossler and an information packet. Top finishers in the run divisions will receive original design awards. No awards are presented in the non-competitive walk.

The Courier 10K begins at Madison Consolidated High School and ends at Lytle Park in downtown Madison. The course will be identical to the 2013 race. As a result, parts of Wilson Avenue on the hilltop, Hanging Rock Hill and parts of Third Street downtown will be closed to traffic until about 10:30 a.m. Saturday.

"We appreciate the cooperation of residents in those areas," Jacobs said.

Runners and walkers are asked to not bring pets to the race. A postrace shuttle service will be provided to transport participants back to their vehicles at Madison High School.

Here's a list of runners and walkers who have preregistered for Saturday's Madison Courier Firecracker 10K Run/Walk:


Elizabeth Allen, 44, F, Deputy

Christine Allred, 44, F, Sellersburg

Riley Allred, 15, F, Sellersburg

Adam Anderson, 13, M, Madison

Rebekah Anderson, 16, F, Madison

Sarah Anderson, 18, F, Madison

James Arvin, 43, M, Hanover

Sandy Beckhart, 56, F, Prospect, Ky.

David Bedingham, 53, M, Madison

Joseph Bell, 33, M, Columbus

Shirley Bell, 67, F, LaGrange, Ky.

Kim Bennett, 42, F, Madison

Erica Bentz, 22, F, Madison

Claire Bilz, 10, F, Madison

Megan Bladen, 23, F, Madison

Candice Boley, 26, F, Hanover

Robin Bomke, 63, M, Madison

Brooke Bond, 43, F, Louisville, Ky.

Andrea Boswell, 40, F, Madison

Caleb Boutell, 16, M, Jeffersonville

Shannon Brezko, 37, F, Indianapolis

Carol Brooks, 36, F, Hanover

Adam Bullock, 36, M, Madison

Kirsten Buop, 22, F, Fort Wayne

Maureen Burkhardt, 32, F, Franklin

Charlotte Canida, 67, F, Madison

Christy Canida, 37, F, Oakland, Calif.

Floyd Chambers, 35, M, Madison

Duane Cieslinski, 57, M, Madison

Joyce Consley, 44, F, Lexington

Tom Coulter, 52, M, Jeffersonville

Bob Courtney, 50, M, Madison

Logan Crouch, 15, M, Charlestown

Mackenzie Crouch, 17, F, Charlestown

Thomas Crowley, 58, M, Indianapolis

Anita Davidson, 48, F, Madison

Dominic Davis, 38, M, Richmond

Isabella Davis, 10, F, Richmond

Julie Demaree, 35, F, Versailles

Todd Demaree, 42, M, Versailles

Samuel Detmer, 16, M, Chicago, Ill.

Ana Diaz, 35, F, Bedford, Ky.

Erika Downs, 40, F, North Vernon

Mackenzie Dye, 21, F, New Castle

Michael Ellis, 46, M, Cincinnati, Ohio

Barbara Ellwein, 57, F, Cincinnati, Ohio

Sarah Eversole, 39, F, Columbus

Mike Falbo, 44, M, Charlestown

Traci Falbo, 42, F, Charlestown

Heather Foy, 39, F, Madison

Ben Franklin, 82, M, Louisville, Ky.

Jaman Geyman, 31, F, Madison

Ethan Goebel, 14, M, Madison

Gwen Grimes, 22, F, Kokomo

Christopher Grote, 15, M, Madison

Taylor Grote, 18, F, Madison

Whit Grote, 17, M, Madison

Kimberly Hadley, 52, F, Indianapolis

Sara Hall, 32, F, Madison

Kristen Hamilton, 37, F, Madison

Abby Hanson, 11, F, Madison

Kingsley Hanson, 14, F, Madison

Cindy Harris, 45, F, Indianapolis

James Harris, 50, M, Indianapolis

Greg Heaton, 58, M, Madison

Connie Heitz, 51, F, Madison

Ross Hensler, 22, M, Madison

Mary Hertz-Spry, 51, F, Madison

Laura Hesse, 19, F, Madison

Chris Higgins, 45, M, Madison

Amy Hill, 23, F, Lexington

Chris Hill, 46, M, Madison

Megan Hill, 15, F, Madison

Natalie Hill, 43, F, Madison

Celestra Hoffman, 36, F, Madison

Jay Hunger, 36, M, Indianapolis

Patricia Hutsell, 46, F, Hanover

Lucas Jenkins, 37, M, Beverly Hills, Mich.

Bach Johnson, 41, M, Madison

Kim Johnson, 44, F, Madison

Mary.Berna Jones, 59, F, Scottsburg

Parker Jones, 25, M, Kokomo

Andy Kireta, 46, M, Franklin

Kylie Kireta, 20, F, Franklin

Madi Kireta, 18, F, Franklin

Michael Kramer, 59, M, Ligonier

Savanah Kramer, 31, F, Hanover

Kristin Lamar, 34, F, Hanover

Al Lavoie, 50, M, Centerville, Ohio

Malaina Lavoie, 17, F, Centerville, Ohio

Lillian.Sue Livers, 64, F, Madison

Tomeka Livers, 39, F, Hanover

Lisa Maddox, 38, F, Madison

Wayne Mahoney, 70, M, Hanover

Michael Marley, 25, M, Osgood

Melissa May, 42, F, Madison

Ronnie McAllister, 49, M, Batesville

Meghan McClelland, 20, F, Madison

Perry McCollom, 80, M, Louisville, Ky.

Karla McCollum, 49, F, Madison

Konnie McCollum, 49, F, Madison

Luke McCollum, 49, M, Madison

Joe McFarren, 33, M, Roanoke

Brittan Mefford, 34, F, Madison

Amy Melton, 33, F, Hanover

Evan Meyer, 35, M, New York, N.Y.

Leeanne Minton, 41, F, Charlestown

Jeff Mires, 50, M, Greenville

Barbara Nagle, 54, F, Madison

Mya Nay, 12, F, Deputy

Sadie Nay, 10, F, Deputy

Lauren Norris, 24, F, Madison

Thomas Norville, 16, M, Alcoa, Tenn.

Chuck Nunan, 50, M, Madison

Shawn Page, 39, M, Dayton, Ohio

Paul Panning, 32, M, Noblesville

Greg Petersen, 48, M, Hanover

Michael Phillips, 42, M, Lexington

Matthew Porter, 40, M, Madison

Charles Ricketts, 73, M, Madison

Kim Riley, 35, F, Hanover

Shawn Riley, 33, M, Patriot

Carlos Rivero, 54, M, Madison

Glenn Rogers, 53, M, Madison

Mitchell Rogers, 22, M, Madison

Jim Rowlett, 68, M, Madison

Nigel Salmon, 54, M, Burlington, Ky.

Kristopher Sandlin, 22, M, Scottsburg

Joe Sinn, 25, M, Fort Wayne

Conner Skirvin, 15, M, Hanover

Rachel Slade, 23, F, Madison

Jeffrey Smith, 58, M, Greendale

Kathleen Spears, 25, F, Carrmel

Molly Stalker, 38, F, Charleston, Ill.

Glenn Stevenson, 52, M, Madison

Connor Stewart, 15, M, Lexington

Christopher Stucker, 36, M, Fishers

Dara Stucker, 35, F, Fishers

Jessica Taylor, 24, F, Milton, Ky.

Joyce Terrell, 49, F, Hanover

Donmichael Thompson, 39, M, Columbus

Allen Watson, 62, M, Madison

Alex Webb, 15, M, Hanover

Tom Webster, 36, M, Columbus

Caroline Wehner, 18, F, Hanover

Brady Wells, 52, M, Scottsburg

Logan Wells, 21, M, Scottsburg

Annie Wetterhus, 35, F, Shawnee, Kan.

Teresa Wiczynski, 20, F, Columbus

Kylie Wilberding, 17, F, Milton, Ky.

Ruth Wilburn, 31, F, Greenwood

Eric Wilhelm, 37, M, Oakland, Calif.

Tabatha Williams, 38, F, Hanover

Chuck Worcester, 46, M, Lexington

Ashley Wyant, 30, F, Independence, Ky.

Cindy Wyant, 43, F, Louisville, Ky.

Michael Wyant, 34, M, Louisville, Ky.

Steven Wyant, 32, M, Independence, Ky.



Jenna Baumgartner, 52, F, Lawrenceburg

Stacy Bayne, 37, F, Madison

Chris Bilz, 52, F, Madison

Tony Bilz, 53, M, Madison

Susan Bingham, 56, F, Hanover

John Brockman, 59, M, Carrollton, Ky.

Sue Brown, 55, F, New Castle

Brittany Copeland, 28, F, Deputy

Cathy Copeland, 47, F, Milton, Ky.

Vicki Cosby, 44, F, Madison

Cherri Cronen, 60, F, Madison

Paul Cronen, 63, M, Madison

Anne Davis, 47, F, Bradenton, Fla.

Gracie Davis, 12, F, Bradenton, Fla.

Sharon Dean, 58, F, Madison

Bob Demaree, 56, M, Indianapolis

Whitney Ernst, 26, F, Madison

Brenda Eversole, 65, F, Madison

Janet Fawbush, 62, F, Madison

Steve Fawbush, 68, M, Madison

Brady Fleming, 18, M, Fishers

C.Burk Fleming, 69, M, Lafayette

Sharon Fleming, 67, F, Lafayette

Steven Floyd, 59, M, Bloomington

Emily Fox, 21, F, Madison

Charlie Garrett, 25, M, Madison

Jeanna Greene, 46, F, Florence, Ky.

Darren Harmon, 48, M, Madison

Paula Harmon, 53, F, Madison

Jessica Jenkins, 36, F, Beverly Hills, Mich.

Marsha Johnston, 65, F, Schnecksville, Pa.

Jessica King, 30, F, Madison

Karol Kirk, 65, F, Madison

Melinda Klopp, 58, F, Hanover

Amy Lee, 41, F, Madison

Scott Lee, 52, M, Madison

Karen Lindquist, 63, F, Madison

Josh Marshall, 33, M, Indianapolis

Ronald Marshall, 67, M, Madison

Sara Marshall, 26, F, Indianapolis

Miranda McBride, 31, F, Madison

Bryan Meyer, 28, M, Jeffersonville

Candy Meyer, 62, F, Scottsburg

Debbie Meyer, 49, F, Jeffersonville

Tiffany Meyer, 27, F, Jeffersonville

Lori Newhouse, 40, F, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Evan Norville, 22, F, Alcoa, Tenn.

Jody Norville, 61, F, Alcoa, Tenn.

Natalie Owens, 22, F, Deputy

Kristin Panning, 32, F, Noblesville

Lisa Phillips, 51, F, Deputy

Linda Pittman, 66, F, Madison

Mike Pittman, 64, M, Madison

Christian Powers, 48, F, Madison

Levi Purvis, 15, M, Dillsboro

Roberta Purvis, 44, F, Dillsboro

Paula Reed, 49, F, New Carlisle, Ohio

Robert Reed, 49, M, New Carlisle, Ohio

Angelia Rogers, 50, F, Madison

Gary Rogers, 56, M, Louisville, Ky.

Angela Russell, 61, F, Madison

Chelsey Sanderson, 31, F, Pasadena, Calif.

Jerry Schafer, 60, M, Madison

Becky Sievers, 33, F, Madison

Brittany Smith, 15, F, Aurora

Whitney Smith, 24, F, Dupont

Janice Stephan, 63, F, Madison

Laura Stockdale, 36, F, Madison

Rex Stockdale, 39, M, Madison

Tarryn Thaden, 59, F, DeKalb, Ill.

Kendal Tooley, 23, F, North Vernon

Bill Wardlaw, 34, M, Sellersburg

Brittney Wardlaw, 33, F, Sellersburg

Kimberly Warner, 26, F, Madison

William Warren, 55, M, Madison

Cheri Westmoreland, 56, F, Hebron, Ky.

Jerry Wheeler, 45, M, Hanover

Sara Williams, 30, F, Madison

Shari Wilson, 57, F, Madison