Madison Parks Department

Little League Basketball

at E.O. Muncie

Wednesday's Games

Boys White Division

Bearcats 18, Musketeers 12: Will Heitz scored 10 points for the Bearcats; Carson Roark scored 8 for the Musketeers.

Chandler Select Wildcats 32, X-treme Exteriors Hoosiers 30: Luke Miller scored 20 and Luke McCarty 10 for the Wildcats; Jade Nutley scored 12 for the Hoosiers.

Girls Division

Canaan Community Academy Cougars 20, Southwestern Rebels 17: Jade Nutley scored 17 for the Cougars; Ashton Goode scored 8 and Ellie Foley 5 for the Rebels.


Lide White Club Basketball

Week 1

Girls Biddy

Pirtle Photography Sky 19 Security Insurance Dream 4: Eryn Helton scored 6 points for the Sky; Haley Trueblood scored 4 for the Dream.

Boys Biddy

M&M Towing Heat 31, Exterior Pro Inc. Nuggets 20: Henry Grote scored 13 and Jack Grote had 11 for the Heat; Drew Forner scored 11 for the Nuggets.

McCubbin Ford Celtics 23, McDonald's Pacers 9: Mitch Mingione and Braden Collins scored 8 points each for the Celtics; Ben Louden scored 5 for the Pacers.

Midwest Tube Mills Knicks 14, Pettit Group Inc. Lakers 12: Curtis Jacobs scored 8 points for the Knicks; Lucas Seel scored 6 points for the Lakers.


Farmers Bank of Milton Cardinals 8, Fit For The King Boilermakers 6: Jacob Hertz, Philip Kahn, Finn Laskowski, and Matt Mingione scored a basket each for the Cards; Kallie Eder, Ryker Brooks, and Jack Miller scored for the Boilers.

Madison Chemical Co. Wildcats 8, Dr. Robert Kirkpatrick Woverines 4: Colson Backus and Jackson Schwartz scored 4 points each for the Wildcats; Clayton Benkert scored 4 points for the Woverines.

Madison Lions Club Sycamores 8, Thermal Chemical Hoosiers 4: Jamison Lewis scored 6 points for the Sycamores; Jackson Dew and Keenan Kelso scored a bucket each for the Hoosiers.