February 1, 1866


One very powerful argument admitting members into Congress at present, from the rebel States is the fact that in almost every case the persons elected as Representatives and senators, have been the rankest of rebels. Can such men be trusted without a thorough probation? Georgia has elected United States Senators Alex. H. Stephens and Herschel V. Johnson. One was Vice President of the ill-begotten confederacy; the other was an active participant in the secession. Are we ready to submit our lives and fortunes to the dictum of such men? No, never!; if the South goes without representation for years.

We want the South represented, and are in favor of it, but not by such men. If they really represent the feeling in the South, we doubt whether or not they are even ready for representation. The school master needs to go through the South and enlighten the masses, correct bad sentiments, and elevate the people, so they will elect a better class of men than they have so far.

February 5, 1866

Mr. Wilson, the lecturer on Spiritualism, had a large audience at the Court House on Saturday night.

February 6, 1866

There will be a public meeting of the friends of Irish National Liberty, at the Court house, on Wednesday evening, Feb. 7th. John M. Moriarty, of Philadelphia, Colonel B.F. Mullen, of Tennessee, and others, will address the meeting. Speaking will commence at 7 ½ o’clock. Ladies are respectfully invited to attend.

February 7, 1866

Guerrilla Outrage Near Madison.

We are reliably informed that a short while after bed-time last night a gang of about a dozen men, disguised, repaired to a house on Enoch McKay’s place, Trimble county, Ky., about two miles south of this city, occupied by a peaceable colored man, and demanded his money and arms. He replied that he had neither. They then seized and searched him, stealing his knife. He threw his pocket book containing his money to one side, and they overlooked it in the darkness. While they were pitching his furniture out of doors, his wife slipped over to Mr. McKay’s and gave the alarm, when he and his son – who is a returned Union soldier – started over. The guerrillas were just leaving. Young McKay demanded a “halt,” whereupon the villains stopped and fired some twenty shots at the McKays, wounding the son badly. After several shots had been exchanged, with no further damage as far as known, the affair terminated. Such scoundrels as composed the murderous guerrilla band should be shot like dogs as they are, or hung as high as Haman; but it will surprise us to hear that any effort is made even to arrest them.

February 9, 1866

A noted spiritualist, Dr. Randolph, says now that after an experience of five years a medium, it is his candid opinion that spiritualism is one-third imposture, one-third insanity, and one-third diabolism, and that insanity is the usual fate of trance mediums.

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