The Jefferson County Jail Exploratory Committee discussed Thursday depictions of the first draft of the different areas and features of a new jail.

The study showed the current county jail houses inmates that fit into more than 10 inmate classifications, creating a need for just as many day rooms inside the jail for housing. The depictions were put together to show the group square footage of the different areas—which included the day rooms, booking areas, program rooms, separated maintenance pathways and more.

Throughout the discussion, committee members pointed out specific changes or additions they would like to see. Some changes mentioned were to add a secure area to hold juveniles, increase the number of padded cells and an interview room within the jail rather than inside the admissions area.

The committee also heard an update on the county-owned land inside the Jefferson Proving Ground. They heard that of the 40 acres owned, 20 to 25 acres could be suitable to the needs for a site. Other sites, including the Madison State Hospital, are still being looked into as potential sites.

RQAW will take the committee’s questions, recommendations and concerns and continue working toward possible depictions and designs while the committee members will continue to provide necessary data to create projections.

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