Young females held at the Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility will be moved by the end of the month as Indiana Department of Correction officials begin a shift in operations.

The facility will close as part of the changes, requiring female youth to move to a facility currently known as Camp Summit Boot Camp in LaPorte.

Males at Camp Summit Boot Camp will be transferred to Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility in Pendleton, which will be the site of a new boot camp program.

The Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility has served as a maximum security facility for juveniles since 2009. The facility was the only female juvenile facility and served as the reception and diagnostic center for newly committed female youths.

Officials believe the changes will provide better service and make the best use of personnel and facility resources, an Indiana Department of Correction release said. The changes come in response to changes within juvenile detention and the increasing female prison populations. The number of juvenile female students has decreased, while the number of female adult offenders continues to rise.

The Indiana Department of Correction averaged nearly 200 female juvenile students 10 years ago, but that number has decreased to an average of 40 now.

The Madison facility is capable of holding more than 170 students. The adjacent facility for adult female offenders is currently operating at 84 percent capacity, a release said, and projections show the facility could exceed 100 percent capacity within a few years if nothing is changed.

The move of students from the Madison facility could provide more space to house adult female offenders in the future if space is needed.

The closure will affect 79 staff members, but the release said state employees at the affected facility have been provided with employment opportunities at one of the other Indiana Department of Correction facilities.